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“Salus animarum supemus lex esto” — ”the salvation of souls must be the supreme law in the Church.” Canon Law 1752

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Cardinal Robert Sarah and the Face of Hope in a Disintegrating Church


Black Knight takes King's Bishops

Cardinal Robert Sarah — Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship

Cardinal Robert Sarah — Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship

The Face of Hope in a Disintegrating Church


“More and more voices of high-ranking prelates stubbornly affirm obvious doctrinal, moral and liturgical errors that have been condemned a hundred times, and work to demolish the little faith remaining in the people of God.” 1 


The Board is set and the Pieces are in place. Francis made the opening move ... and it was catastrophic.

Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, responded with a move that has compromised all the bishops. He openly uttered the obvious to nearly every Catholic outside the Continent of Africa: it is probable that most high-ranking members of the world-wide episcopacy — cardinals, archbishops, bishops, prelates, primates, metropolitans, episcopal vicars — have effectively lost their faith, succumbed to the World, the Flesh, and the Devil and remain only nominally Catholic” — and determined to erase even the memory of Catholicism as it had been practiced for 2000 years prior to Vatican II ... and Pope Francis (who is likely to exile Cardinal Sarah in the way he has callously dismissed every voice of opposition to his regime of progression ad infinitum and ad absurdam).

But the word is out! And who can take it back?

Who, with a straight face, can say surprise!”? No one in America or Canada or England. No one in Europe. In fact, no one outside Africa and Asia. We let them pretend to be holy when their words and deeds were blatantly and unapologetically perfidious. We did not raise our voice against them because they knew that genuinely faithful Catholics were taught to revere them and make every implausible excuse for their dereliction. Heretical bishops and theologians are a dime a dozen. But still we pretended that they were “Catholic” to cover our own shame for their scandalous behavior, disobedience, delinquency and turpitude — which none in higher authority reproached or redressed.


Dissecting the Body of Christ

We have watched them solemnly process into the conclave or the synod(s) — after feverishly assembling their own “schema” to subvert anything authentically Catholic: somber, grave faces of men who relished their image of stern sobriety ... until the doors were closed. The dissection of doctrine then proceeded and the vivisection of morals. The body of Holy Mother Church was barely left intact ... and barely recognizable!

How prescient Cardinal Robert Sarah! Not until the last drop of Faith has been exsanguinated from the Body will these men rest who work to demolish the little faith remaining in the people of God.

What a staggering statement!

Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat! (Saint Matthew 11.15)


1  03 April 2017

Boston Catholic Journal
April 3, 2017

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