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HOLY FATHER” —  When He is Neither?

Jorge Bergoglio with Wicca Stang

Jorge Bergoglio with Wicca Stang


Or These Sterile Modernist Structures Churches

Cathedral of St Mary of the Angels in Los Angeles outside Cathedral of St Mary of the Angels in Los Angeles inside

Cathedral of St Mary of the Angels in Los Angeles


“The house of our holiness, and of our glory, where our fathers praised Thee, is burnt with fire, and all our lovely things are turned into ruins.” (Isaiah 64.11)


You are, no doubt, familiar with the phrase “the Holy Father” referring to the man who sits upon the Seat of Saint Peter and is eo ipso the pope of the Catholic Church. It was, for nearly 2000 years, a title of due reverence to the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth — and was associated with holiness in person, or at least integrity of character. He was always a man who defended the teachings, doctrines, and dogmas of the Holy Catholic Church — which, regrettably, is no longer “Holy” (and if truth be told, no longer “Catholic”).

In reality the Post-Conciliar Church of Vatican II is merely a simulacrum, a caricature, of the once “Holy Roman Catholic Church” whose name it arrogated even as it threw the pearls of Her holiness under the cloven hooves of pigs.1

I recognize that this sounds severe. It is meant to be.

How few those who with clarity and courage denounce this manifest and unmitigated distinction! Both clerical and lay are unwilling to call what is counterfeit nothing less than ecclesiastical forgery and fraud out of  fear of persecution, of being marginalized, of being labeled a “rigid” or “Traditional Catholic” — the very type Catholic whom Bergoglio ridicules and detests! Has the unreasoned fear of this crude and petulant pontiff so paralyzed the once courageous Catholic witness in the world that none dare defy him for fear of ... fear of ... what??? 

Do you fear that you will be “excommunicated” from this warped and mutant monstrosity that has lost all continuity with the real Catholic Church which it parodies? Why would you wish to be part of an illegitimate travesty? Better an orphan than a bastard. Oh, yes, you will have great difficulty finding a parish that worships the True and Living God in the “Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” before the Post-Conciliar-Church banned and criminalized it (The Mass of the all the Saints preceding it!) — with the sole exception that you, at the same time, acknowledge and give credence to the farcical Liturgy accredited by the Post-Conciliar-Church and cruelly imposed on the Faithful.

In these days fraught with heresy and apostasy, pan-paganism and atheism, this new Post-Conciliar Church spawned by Vatican II has made it quite clear that the monolithic Catholicism which preceded it is, indeed, in need of extreme attenuation. Before being a “Catholic” required a conditional, and factional antecedent (“Conservative Catholic”, “Liberal Catholic”, “Progressive Catholic”, “Charismatic Catholic”, “Vatican II Catholic”, “Pre-Vatican II Catholic”, “Sedevacantist Catholic” —  that is to say, when a Catholic was simply a non-nuanced Catholic — and not a “kind” of Catholic, there simply was no confusion in being Catholic. Everything was quite clear and definite: things such as morals, dogmas, millennia-imbued teaching, theology, marriage, sexuality, having children, and those now-quaint concepts of “obligations” and “certitudes”.

With Vatican II and the inauguration of the Post-Conciliar Church, kinds of Catholics” emerged and quite suddenly began to divide the Church, splintering the One Body into separate — and separated — “ideological” ghettos —  once again, prior to what the whole world knew about precisely what you were and what you believed (or at least what you should really be, and what you should have believed) as a Catholic.

This, of course, is no longer so. Antagonism at the highest levels of the Post-Conciliar-Church, disparage, ridicule, and separate themselves from the mere “Catholic” who believes and cleaves to “the Faith of His Fathers” with its 2000 years of credentials. Such a Catholic is now disparaged as “backward” and “rigid” by “the Holy Father” of the Post-Conciliar-Church (not to be confused with the authentic Roman Catholic Church). “holy father Jorge Bergoglio” (no typo there) has much to say about this … most of it incoherent ... when not pontificating about the Amazonian Face of the Church, the environment, plastic in the ocean, politics, economies — and yet strangely says nothing relevant to his job-description as Pontiff concerning salvation, Jesus Christ, the Conversion of Souls, and Hell itself (which he dismisses as a fiction)!

The present Chair of Saint Peter — the Papacy — is occupied by Mr. Jorge Bergoglio — a heretic without question, an apostate in all probability, perhaps a pagan, and most definitely a Modernist. We must, however, in all honesty, acknowledge that this newly-and-poorly-minted “church” was usurped long before him, beginning with the first ruminations of that most unfortunate event called Vatican II. We may consider Modernism the anvil upon which Vatican II was forged by no less than 6 successively extirpative hammer strokes:

  • Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (John XXIII) through whom the Church lost its sacred language (Latin), was deprived of the Mass as a Sacrifice and

  • Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini (Paul VI)

  • Albino Luciani (John Paul I)

  • Karol Józef Wojtyła (John Paul II)

  • Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)

  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio (a.k.a. Francis)

Some of the above, I recognize, are esteemed “heroes” of the Faith by many Post-Conciliar-Church Catholics — especially Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) on whose watch the USSR crumbled and even Josef Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) who “restored” to “legitimacy” (what was never abolished nor can it ever be)  the 500 year old Tridentine Mass (which is actually much, much older) but only under the condition that it be understood as a perquisite, a bone tossed to the (Traditional) dogs who were obligated to acknowledge the “validity” and superiority of “the New Mass”. The Tridentine Mass — so spiritual, other-worldly, and rife with “superstition” was an embarrassment to the New-Age enlightened liturgists who relegated the Mass of the Ages to the mere effluence of the Usus antiquior — “the ancient usage” also undertood as the Vetus ordo(the “old order”) —  each suggesting that its validity suffers from a lack of contemporaneity (it is no longer in current use) and obsolete (having been supplanted by the Novus Ordo, or “New Order” Mass of increasingly bizarre experimentation and imbecility). Ratzinger merely re-stated what was never denied.

But it was precisely Karol Wojtyla and Josef Ratzinger who vigorously promoted not just the absurdity of Ecumenism, but nothing less an affront to God as Pantheism! The inter-religious meeting and worship at Assisi under the auspices of Karol Wojtyla (JPII) was blasphemous and the sin of sacrilege no less than three times: 1986, 1993 and 2002! Josef Ratzinger pursued Ecumenism with no less vigor in 2011! And Jorge (Francis) is the culmination of this sacrilege by apotheosizing the Earth, the Environment, and the “Amazonian-Face” of Pachamama solemnly borne into the Basilica of Saint Peter and worshipped before him and his prelates in the Vatican Garden.

Each, in turn, as we have seen, alienated himself from the Church that preceded him for two millennia, successively and increasingly infecting the Body of Christ, defiling Her as The Bride of the King, and committing adultery against her with every other “belief system” on the face of the Earth. Francis the Fornicator will see this done, and abjure, divorce, and leave desolate the once Beautiful Bride brought to shame by the Groomsmen.

The “Mass” presently used at every parish throughout the world is not just “different from” the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass prior to Vatican II: it is unrecognizable as the Mass that  Catholics had offered for two millennia (2000 years) prior to the Post-Conciliar-Church. The language is different (no Latin, but roughly 6,500 different vernacular languages in place of the one which everyone understood in every part of the world). There is no Altar because it is no longer understood as a “sacrifice” — it is merely “a table”. The priest is now merely a “presider” — not an alter Christus confecting the Sacrament of Salvation. There are no Communion Rails because everyone simply walks up to “the Table of the Lord”, hands out: “gimme”.

You will surely pardon me while I vomit.

Saint Paul and the Prophet Daniel saw it coming long before it arrived, and torments us:

“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce many. And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come. When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.” (Saint Matthew 24.11-15)


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal
November 11, 2020



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1 Saint Matthew 7.6







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