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20 years ago, American Bishops

 were Warned — and did Nothing!

The Complicity of American Bishops and Cardinals Promoting Homosexuality within the Catholic Church and Priesthood

to prevent
Homosexuality within the Catholic Church
and the Catholic Priesthood


To: <undisclosed-recipients>
June 14, 2002. 7.28 AM
Subject: Psychiatrists Letter to the Catholic Bishops

  • Bishop Wilton D Gregory, president of the US conference of Catholic Bishops, admitted at a press conference in Rome on April 23 the existence of an ongoing struggle to ensure that the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men.

  •  In treating priests who have engaged in pedophilia and ephebophilia we have observed that these men almost without exception suffered from the denial of sin in their lives.

  • In treating priests who have engaged in pedophilia and ephebophilia we have observed that these men almost without exception suffered from the denial of sin in their lives.

  • This anger [among homosexual priests] … was often directed toward the Church, the Holy Father, and the religious authorities. Rejecting the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, these men for the most part adopted the utilitarian sexual ethic which the Holy Father [John Paul II] so brilliantly critiqued in his book, Love and Responsibility.

  • They came to see their own pleasure as the highest end and used others – including adolescents and childrenas sexual objects.

  • They consistently refused to examine their consciences, to accept the Church’s teachings on moral issues as a guide for their personal actions, or regularly avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  • These priests either refused to seek spiritual direction or choose a spiritual director or confessor who openly rebelled against Church teachings on sexuality. Tragically, these mistakes allow these men to justify their behaviors.

  • The Bishops, individually and collectively, should develop screening protocols which will identify men who may pose a risk to others and who cannot live the chaste celibacy required of a priest.

  • One of the major problems … is the enormous amount of misinformation about the nature, origins, and treatment of homosexuality/SSA.

  • This is not accidental. For over 20 years, activists, intent on changing the laws on sexual orientation, have put forward a massive public relations campaign specifically designed to spread misinformation that will change the social acceptance of homosexuality.

  • …  many people sincerely believe that scientific research has produced conclusive evidence that homosexuality is a genetically inherited condition, determined before birth, and cannot be changed.  In fact, no such evidence exists.

  • Several studies have been promoted in the media as providing the “proof,” but when one reads these studies one discovers the authors do not even claim to have presented such proof.

  • There is no verifiable evidence that same-sex attraction is genetically determined. … [while] there are numerous studies documenting change of sexual attraction pattern (see Homosexuality and Hope, available at

  •  [The] condition of extreme effeminacy is called gender identity disorder “GID”.

  • The sooner these problems are addressed in therapy, the more hope there is for a full recovery.

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that homosexuality’s “psychological genesis remains largely unexplained” (#2357). This statement does not accurately reflect what is known about homosexuality. 

  • Men and women experiencing same-sex attraction may rightly feel that they “have always felt different,” but that doesn’t mean they were born that way. Children are born either male or female.

  • There has been a massive campaign to hide this information from the general public and for those who sincerely wish to be free from same-sex attraction.

  • To those who wish to be free from same-sex attraction it can be said with confidence that God didn’t make them that way and He wants them to be free.

  • There are other serious problems which need to be addressed. For example, sexual harassment exists in certain seminaries. Any Catholic institution which knowingly tolerates sexual harassment – heterosexual  homosexual – betrays the moral teaching of Christ and contributes to the suffering of others. It also risks incurring financial liability.

Recommendations Treatment for priests with SSA

  • We observed many priests grow in holiness and happiness in their ministry as a result of the healing of their …  same-sex attractions.

  • Our experiences over 25 years have convinced us of the direct link between rebellion and anger against the Church’s teaching and sexually promiscuous behaviors. … those who are sexually active dissent from the Church’s teaching on sexuality to justify their own actions.

  • Finally, they [candidates for the priesthood] should be screened for homosexuality by their bishops or religious superiors prior to being considered …

  • The previous attitude of “winking” at homosexuality in priests must end.

  • Also, complaints by priests of aggressive homosexual behavior in rectories and religious communities should be addressed and no longer ignored.

Screening of Seminarians

  • Simply asking a candidate if he is a heterosexual or homosexual, or if he is sexually interested in adolescents or children is not sufficient.

  • Two different studies have found that the answers to a small number of questions about childhood and adolescent experiences included with the larger questionnaire allowed the clinical interview a to conclude, with 90% accuracy, whether the subject was a heterosexual or homosexual.

  • The Church should not take the moral risk of allowing someone with SSA to enter the seminary. Also, a period of sexual abstinence for five years should be required of those with SSA prior to entering the seminary.

  • It should be noted that many men with SSA will have problems besides the SSA which could make admission to the seminary inadvisable.


  • It is essential that mental health professionals involved in any way with screening candidates for seminary, or with treating seminarians or priests, as well as the faculty at the seminaries, support the teaching of the Church on sexuality, particularly on homosexuality.

  • In our experience, there are some dioceses and religious communities relying upon the work of mental health professionals who actively disagree with the Churches sexual morality.

Seminary/Formation Faculty

  • Pope John Paul II at his meeting with the American cardinals on April 23, 2002 stated: “people must know that bishops and priests are totally committed to the fullness of Catholic truth on matters of sexual morality, a truth that is essential to the renewal of the priesthood and the episcopate as it is to the renewal of marriage and family life.”

  • Many faculty members of seminaries and religious houses do not adhere to the truth on matters of sexual morality and faith.

  • For decades moral relativism, proportionalism, and situational ethics have been taught in these centers of formation. These teachings have contributed to the present crisis in the Church.

  • Seminarians who support Church teaching on sexual morality, Scripture, the liturgy, and fundamental moral theology have been labeled as rigid and often expelled from seminaries.

  • Many faculty members of seminaries and religious houses do not adhere to the truth on matters of sexual morality and faith.

  •  Seminary faculty members and members of formation teams in religious communities who have the homosexual agenda are driven to remove from the seminary males who are loyal to the Church’s teachings on matters of faith and morals.

  • We recommend that Cardinals, bishops and religious superiors either personally interview or send visitation teams to interview all faculty members of seminaries and formation teams in Religious communities.

  • They need to be certain that these individuals are loyal to the Holy Father and the Church’s teaching on faith and morals and that they refrain from intimidating seminarians into questioning the value of orthodoxy.

  • Those who are not loyal should be removed.

  • In order to protect the priesthood from further homosexual behavior with adolescent males by priests, we recommend ending the referral of seminarians to seminaries which are well known to be heterodox [i.e. not conforming to authentic Church teaching] in regard to homosexuality.

  • The purification of the seminaries is essential to the protection of the Church and her children.

  • Finally, seminarians, including those in religious orders, with homosexual tendencies should not be ordained.

The Availability of Treatment and Education in every Diocese
  • We believe that nothing is more pastoral or more loving than the clear proclamation of the Church’s teaching on sexual morality, accompanied by effective, accessible treatment.

  • Courage is the only recovery program for those of same-sex attractions which adheres to the Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality and has been endorsed by the Vatican.

  • Unfortunately, in some dioceses, groups, such as Dignity [which promotes homosexuality], and which do not accept the Church’s teaching on sexual morality —  have a voice while [the Catholic Apostolate] Courage [which counsels “men and women with same-sex attractions in living chaste lives in fellowship, truth and love”]  is not welcome.

  • Unfortunately, conferences have been offered to priests and seminarians in which homosexuality is presented as being genetically determined and no hope for healing is offered.

  • At the present time, a number of treatment centers to which priests are sent for sexual disorders treat homosexuality as an identity to be embraced.

  • Influenced by the politics within the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association, the possibility of healing is censured.

  • There are reasons for hope. The problems of homosexuality in the priesthood have been painfully uncovered and need to be addressed. There is no proven genetic basis for homosexuality.

  • Large numbers of people, including clergy, who had SSA are now cured, especially if they brought the power of faith into the healing process. These men and women no longer view themselves as being homosexual.

  • The statement of the Catholic Medical Association on homosexuality, Homosexuality and Hope ( ), should be made available to all priests, educators and Catholic families. With the Lord’s help the Catholic priests who struggle with homosexuality can be healed.


For the Catholic Medical Association, Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D.
Peter Rudegair, MA
Eugene F. Diamond, M.D.


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We wish to both acknowledge, and offer our most sincere gratitude to, ChurchMilitant, St. Michael’s Media, Mr. Michael Voris, and the Producers and Reporters for their courageous work on behalf of the Catholic Church and her Faithful.

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