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The Dying Sheep And The Deadly Silence


Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbaran

Why do we try to stop Muslims from killing Muslims

... but not Muslims from killing Christians?

Why do we hear nothing of this ceaseless atrocity from the pulpit about the fierce persecution, the unspeakable slaughter, and the mass displacement of fellow Catholics and Christians in Islamic countries that were once the cradle of Christianity … and where Christianity itself is on the verge of extinction through an openly avowed pogrom urged by and implemented through militant Islamic fundamentalism?

Why do we not hear about this at Mass?

Why do our priests say nothing? Why do our bishops speak little or nothing of it? The Holy Father has spoken of it in very urgent terms. Why, then, is the average Catholic in the pew virtually unaware of the very real, existential and daily re-crucifixion of Christ in the very soil that for centuries nurtured Christianity … soil, lands, now in partibus infidelium 1, clenched mercilessly in the hands of Muslims … lands whose inhabitants from millennia past were not converted to, but coerced into Islam through the choice we now see enacted daily in the Middle East and in virtually every other Islamic country: to convert to Islam or to die, together with their children, or at best allowed to live in servitude and poverty under the Jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims, shunned and hated because they will not renounce Christ?

And you say nothing about this, against this, from the pulpit? You yawn in the pews? “When it comes to my door”, you say to yourself, not realizing that the shadow cast over it forms the blade of the scimitar soon to be raised over your head and the heads of your children because you belong to Christ — or at least say that you do. When your time comes to choose it will likely be easy. Renounce Christ, embrace the “Prophet”, and convert to Islam. After all, you are very likely convinced that “all paths lead to God” — even were they trampled under the cloven foot of Baal. Not that you really care, for you are an “enlightened” Catholic unencumbered by all that Middle Age impedimenta concerning doctrines, Councils, and (forbid!) dogma! The very word makes you cringe.

The Malice of Indifferentism

This is called indifferentism. Look it up. Your “CCD” teachers never mentioned it, and certainly not your ecumenically-sensitive priests and religious. Let me sum it up for you simply in the words you have heard a thousand times since the implosion of Vatican II: “It makes NO DIFFERENCE” … what path you take, what deity you follow, or if you acknowledge any deity at all — you’re going to Heaven, to God … no matter what you believe, no matter what you practice, no matter what you do or whom you follow. Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist, whatever your “belief-system” (as it is now fondly said), even the worshippers of the Aztec deity of human sacrifice, Huitzilopochtli — all go to God and all are equally pleasing to God. “It’s not a matter of difference” — hence, indifferentism. Your god, my God, no god, a multiplicity of gods … in the end it’s all the same God. This logically moronic assertion actually has many, many, adherents. And many are Catholic. And they all share this one characteristic: they all deem themselves “enlightened” — unlike their ultimately superstitious and decidedly lesser peers who still cling to things like ritual, dogma, and the logical law of non-contradiction.

But we are already dangerously far afield. Men, women, and children — entire communities, total cities — are being expunged of Christianity and Christians. And we do nothing. We do not write our congressman (quite logically, for he will never get your letter or listen to your concerns in any event — he has his own agenda and it does not coincide with his constituents … you know, the people who elected him to represent them), or agitate for the blatant, unapologetic persecution to be immediately remedied and redressed — or at least to be put on the table. “Not my problem”, you say.

Not my problem ...

Of course, if it really was your own brother or sister or mother or children who were being persecuted, beheaded, machine-gunned, bombed out, and driven from their homes as so much vermin or exiled from their own land (if allowed to survive) it would be quite a different story. Your fury would tower, and not merely whimper. You would call each one of us to account for allowing these atrocities to occur without demanding, without making any real, immediate, and effective effort to stop them.

But they’re not … I mean, they’re not really your mothers and fathers, and children, your sisters and brothers — no matter what Christ said! (St. Matthew 12:46-50 for those of you who are not among the illumanati and are still steeped in Christian “mythology”).

Nothing is happening because we are no longer a “Christian” society. We have bowed out of that race and left the liberals with the standard: a godless society that we have allowed to be disfigured into the image of man. We don’t speak about our persecuted, our murdered brothers and sisters, because they are Christian and we are not. We have no relationship to them. They are as much our brothers and sisters as the man in the moon: same elements from the Periodic Table but not much more than that.

We are not horrified precisely because we do not know them — and we do not know them precisely because we do not know Christ!

Who takes their side? Don’t make me laugh. It is not you!

And more scandalous still, it is not the priest at the pulpit or the bishop sitting in the chancery of every Catholic diocese in the world — except in partibus infidelium! Like Christ, they know their sheep … and we are not among them.

No Interest

Are you still looking for a way out ... some way to avoid the reality of the suffering, persecution, and death of Christians in Islam? Is it “incorrect” even to bring this up? It matters not who you are: Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Buddhist, American, German, Canadian, British, French, Brazilian ... does not your very conscience convict you that you do nothing and have done nothing in the face of this enormity, this presently bleeding wound in the fabric of humanity?

We look at pictures from the Holocaust, wag our heads and cluck our tongues, and say, "Not if I were there, not if I was alive then."

The reality is that it is the same now as then: we know and pretend that we do not; we do nothing and our governments do nothing — even as they know, just as we know. Our government pretends, despite all evidence, that politics trumps religion and even refuses to recognize the face of religion — however distorted and ugly it sometimes is. Governments, as Henry Kissinger candidly noted, have “interests not friends” … and whatever their constitution, they generally do not have principles … however august their pretensions. Governments will not stop the slaughtering because it is not in their “interests” to do so. It is as simple as that.


As Christianity recedes and Islam rises … especially when the remnants of Christianity become a threat to the government’s political and social agenda — its own fabricated “interests” in the way of increasingly authoritarian policy — Islamists unwittingly implement the policy of the state by subduing, by eliminating, those whose religious convictions impede the policy of the state. Christianity is without question in the cross-hairs of the state. It is a practical matter of eliminating opposition. The government has not — yet — squeezed the trigger: it has been satisfied with allowing Islam to pull it for them, and in places where blood is the currency of “diplomacy”. Not on our streets. At least not yet.

That Islamic doctrine/theology/policy is even more intractable than Christianity and at even greater (and violent) odds with the decadence in the West that promoted so many ideological diseases from the petri dish of our present liberal democracy, has — amazingly — not yet occurred to them. They aid and abet those bent on their destruction by more than a Christian moral reform that will cost them their jobs but not their heads.

So is help forthcoming from America for persecuted Christians in Islam? No way.


And because Europe is little more than another iteration of American social “progress” in different dialects, Europe, once the “eldest daughter of the Church” at large will do even less to alleviate the oppression and persecution of Christians in Islam. Increasingly, with the dearth of its own children through contraception and abortion, immigrant Muslims are becoming the necessary infrastructure beneath Europe’s economic output and social sustainability. (See: ), it is even less likely that help will come from a once Christian Europe.

The UN?

That monumental travesty that is called the UN is forever “deploring" abominable, detestable, inhuman actions ... and does nothing but convene more councils to further “deplore” them. If a word has ever been depleted of meaning, it is the word, “deplore”. To “deplore” essentially means, “We do not approve of what you are doing, so watch out! If you do not stop, we will convene committees that will deplore you even more!” Words and no actions. Gestures that never culminate in anything tangible to redress the enormity — no actual implementations except on paper that will be archived for the shame of the next generation.

So will the UN help persecuted Christians? Don’t bet your life on it — especially if you live in an Islamic state.

Who is left?

You … or no one.

When your grandchildren are reading of the “noble” deeds of Mohammed in the Quran, no one will be left to so much as ask the question.

For God’s sake do something  —  at least say something!

Boston Catholic Journal

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Still not enough?

“He was a Christian walking in a Muslim enclave, carrying wood to sell. In these tense days, that is enough reason to die in the Central African Republic. A Muslim mob confronted Pumandele, 23, on a side street and pushed him around. Then, they threw him into a ditch. At least one man stabbed him before his throat was slit. ...The Muslims did this,” one of his relatives screamed. “They cut his neck like a cow. They are going to kill all of us.”


1 In partibus infidelium: in the lands of the infidels

See also: The Crucifixion of Christianity in Islam



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