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Pesticide for


 Rob McCann, President and CEO of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington
“My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist”

$100,000+ CEO of Catholic Charities

No. This man is not a pesticide worker who did not have the courtesy to take his hat off while indoors as he explains to you that what is ruining your house, your life, and your existence is far more insidious than rodents, roaches, and a host of other vermin.

He is explaining that YOU are the vermin

Why? Because you are “white” — and because you are Catholic eo ipso you are a racist and cannot be otherwise.


I’ll bet you never knew that

He is Rob McCann, President and CEO of Catholic Charities (who makes over $100,000 from your charitable donations) Eastern Washington, and he wishes to inform you that you — not being “a person-of-color — (which, by the way, would make you invisible ) — are genetically racist, or as he elegantly puts it, “saying that I am not a racist because I’m white is like saying a fish is not wet.”  Brilliant.

This apparently congenital moron is the man you give your money to at Mass when the collection is for promoting vile causes such as racism, oppressing “people-of-color”, supporting a racist institution called the Catholic Church, oppressing the masses, and a host of other evils for which invisible people are responsible.

Black Lives Matter ... in its purest non-violent form it is a Christ-like movement” (!)

Bet you didn’t know that either.

Poor Rob is a Catholic (CEO) ... and, as we see below, a racist. Therefore all Catholics are racists. Impeccable reasoning:

“I am a racist. For me, saying that I am not a racist because I’m white is like saying a fish is not wet. My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist. Our Catholic Faith tradition is built ...on a premise [an idea or theory — not Divine Revelation editor] that a baby, born in the Middle East was a white baby. Catholic Charities supports Black Lives Matter ... in its purest non-violent form it is a Christ-like movement …” He then pleads with us, as to “non-white” gods “of color”: please forgive us our trespasses and “please embrace us!” *

Should we call Rob out? After all, he takes home over a hundred grand from the donations that you make to “Catholic Charities”.

Or should we call this “the Rob’s Prayer” — but alas, poor Rob is chromatically challenged: in fact, despite his apparent sizeable mass, he is invisible. Makes it hard getting the point across.

(Just to complicate matters for poor Rob, if  I am black, I am not a person-of-color at all:  black is the absence of color. As a matter of fact, Rob, so is white. Way to go, Rob!)


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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