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Philadelphia as Boston:

A Shameful and Deadly Remix


And this is the man Francis hand-picked to address the problem Church-wide?

Boston's own Cardinal Sean O'Malley

  • “We remain shamed by these egregious failures to protect children and those who are vulnerable and affirm our commitment that these failures will never be repeated.” (Cardinal O’Malley of Boston — 16 August 2018)

  • “O’Malley, chairman of Pope Francis’ Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, faces accusations of ignoring a priest’s letter trying to warn him three years ago about now-disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick” (Boston Herald 28 August 2018)


“Failures”?  …“Failures!”?

I really bristled at this


What unmitigated hypocrisy!  What Bull- ...Copro (as only Francis would say)!

Who can believe that? Who in Boston? In Brighton? On Planet Earth? 

He came here, to Boston, in 2003 — 15 years ago — to “correct” the criminal behavior, the homosexual deviancy that infested the priesthood and raped our children — and especially festered at Saint John’s Seminary where, if you could not pass the Color Pink, you would never see Holy Orders. Why? Because it was the seedbed of the homosexual culture that infiltrated, dominated, shamed, and broke the Church in Boston — and then the rest of the world.

Where do you first look when attempting to uncover widespread crime? How about a Criminal Organization? If it is theft, look for a gang of thieves! If it is political corruption, look into the State House and the Legislature!

If it is perversion in the priesthood — how about Saint Johns Seminary?

Never Again?

He came. He saw. He “conquered” — and left Saint John’s Seminary as filthy as it was when he arrived as the Vatican’s “White Knight” in 2003. And now he wishes to “affirm our commitment that these failures will never be repeated” even as he himself now stands in the shadow of complicity.

Did he not say something of that nature 15 years ago?

He is, reportedly, putting together yet ANOTHER ... “PANEL” ... to investigate what was already “investigated” long before.  According to NECN,

Cardinal Sean O’Malley from the Archdiocese of Boston says he’s not able to verify or disprove these allegations, but wants the investigation to start as soon as possible … Cardinal O’Malley said in a statement, The allegations made this week are a source of serious concern to me as Archbishop of Boston.”

He must be scratching his head: “Haven’t I heard something like this before?” As we see, O’Malley is still only tentatively scandalized by homosexual predators in the Episcopacy and the priesthood! 15 years after the loathsome scandal broke in Boston — and O’Malley is simply “unable to verify or disprove these allegations, you understand.  No, you are not in some parallel dimension. Fifteen years after this nauseating and pandemic putrescence in the Church burst like a vesicle  ... a boil ... from a diseased Body — O’Malley is not yet ready (as Francis famously was not in the priest-bishop-homosexual pedophilia scandal in Chile) to give credence to the such ... “allegations” ... however many, and however grave the scandal to the Faithful. Perhaps he misunderstood Christ:

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone
should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.
(Saint Matthew 18.6)

Let us offer our clueless Cardinal in absentia … a few clues obvious to most Catholics, but apparently opaque to most cardinals:

Doesn’t a cardinal or bishop have to be a priest first? And do not priests first have to be seminarians? And do not seminarians attend places like Saint John’s Seminary? “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

How about “starting that the beginning”, O’Malley? You know, like the people responsible for admitting candidates to the seminary? And the teachers who instruct them? The bishops who consecrate them? Surely none of them were among the homosexual predators ... too?

You must have been there before. It is on Lake Street in Brighton. Of course we know that you share the habits of Francis — who is enamored of you — by living in a simple residence, and maybe you cook your own meals, too? But how about the weightier matters? The Faith? The Flock? Remember them? “The Little Ones” … you remember them, too?

Ask yourself: when was the last time you saw O’Malley? At a photo-op with Francis? You have listened to his “sermons” — mostly monetary appeals — on audio recordings in your parish — in place of a homily embodied in a physical presence?

Did you ever write him about an abuse in your parish? If you did, you never heard from him. You heard from his “secretary” who told you that Father so-and-so was held in O’Malley’s “highest esteem”. In other words, GFY! This is a Catholic Journal so I will not spell it out for you.

Insincerity is too Kind, too Generous, a Word

O’Malley is the poster boy of all the insincerity we now find in the Church. He talks the talk. He kind of looks the part. But face it, by now it is apparent that he is most likely one of the Old-Boys from the 60’s culture that devastated the Church and has no real intention of correcting a vicious crime. Wasn't he famously brought in 20 years ago to clean this mess up? But it hadn't been “cleaned up”. It festered like a boil until the suppuration (the foul and putrescent pus) finally burst in a scandalously ugly mess that no amount of editorial “sanitizing” could keep the reek away from any sentient being. And you come again to rectify it — a second time?  We suggest that it is time to Lawyer-up, O'Malley!

The horror that emerged from Pennsylvania will teach the hierarchy nothing: 300 priest-homosexual-predators identified (so far) and over 1000 children — not to count the pre-and-post-pubescent, the seminarians, the young adults preyed upon by priest, bishop, and cardinal alike. “Surely the “hierarchy would have acted had it known ...” but the problem was the hierarchy and the systematic cover-up of crimes too horrible, too shameful to stain the pages of any Catholic journal.

Francis — himself now suspect of cover-up should have acted — but could not without indicting himself ... and very likely many of his “closest advisors” like the homosexual apologist and pro LBGTQ+-÷ Father James Martin, S.J who Francis invited to speak in Ireland at (of all things) the World meeting of Families about Showing Welcome and Respect in our Parishes for ‘LGBT’ People and their Families while at the same time denouncing “Homophobic pastors”. But that would mean gathering the criminals and clapping them in irons! Who, then … would “man” the emptying churches which, since Vatican II, have been largely emptied of meaning anyway. If this concatenation of absurdities does not point to the End of the World, as some frightfully sober men suggest, it is, at the very least, the End of Sanity in the World — at least the world inhabited by rational Catholics ... whose Warden at the moment is the principal Inmate.

“And no religion, too”

Salus animarum? The Salvation of souls? That is last on the list of O’Malley, just as it is last on the list of Francis. The Beatle’s song “Imagine” invokes two things indispensable to both men from that hallucinogenic era of the 60s: imagine a world of “the brotherhood of man and no religion too?” This is the “Post-Catholic-Conciliar Church.” This is Vatican II. This is Francis — and, apparently, O’Malley.

God? Heaven? Hell? Salvation? All such silliness was stamped out by Vatican II — and both men are eminent products of that “Council” that became the ecclesiastical equivalent of Dresden. Once again O’Malley comes, not as a shepherd, but to collect the ashes of faith, mix them with the tears of the sodomized, and somehow to mold a monument to this crushing horror with the promise, yet again, that “these failures will never be repeated.”

“Failures”?  You call them mere “failures”?  How dare you!

The rest of us— your “Eminence”—  call them our “Children”.

Vae vobis!*


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

Comments? Write us:


* “Woe to you!”  (Saint Luke 11.42-52)


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