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seal-of-massachusetts  The State vs. Frankie  Seal of Pope Francis

(a.k.a. Francis)

Pope Francis's Face of Mercy

Capo di tutti capi

“Pope Francis’ sexual abuse prevention summit planned for winter’s end [next year!] in Rome with the world’s bishops will apparently not address protections for the demographic found in recent months to be at significant risk from sexual predators in the Church: seminarians. Lifesite news

Next Year! How is that for urgency?

This is a vignette of the state of the Church today under Francis and the cardinals and bishops complicit with him.
In other words, while the house is on fire and crumbling around us — while predator homosexual priests continue to rape our youngsters and young men — “Francis the Merciful” will schedule yet another ... “conference” — next February ... five months away... to “look into” the issue — rather than address the unmitigated and relentless disaster NOW!

For Christ’s Sake, Man — literally — DO SOMETHING —  NOW!

How Many Will it Take?

Every day that you deliberately delay redressing this monstrous calamity, the faith (to say nothing of the butchered virginity) of a child, a young man, is violently torn from him! How many will it take before you act, Francis? How many ruined lives, how much shattered trust must be lost before you look beyond “the applause of the world” to the agony of these children, their parents, their siblings, their friends, their parishes ... the world ... the trust in you that you utterly and callously betrayed? How many will it take to motivate you to the most primal moral instinct to protect innocence? Your carefully orchestrated poses in prayer on a Prie Deux — so familiar in so many catholic sites — will only carry so much copy until it is rank with sanctimony! Your refusal to act, Francis, is itself your most notable and detestable act! You play to the world with the lives of the Little Ones ... and seem careless of the depths of the sea that await those who bring scandal to Christ through the loss of the Little Ones! Each one is a Millstone and the sea beckons the betrayer.

This is nothing less than madness, insanity, criminal irresponsibility, deafness, blindness — commitment to a “progressive” Leftist agenda at all costs, in this life and the next. I reiterate, it is MADNESS! And if it is not madness, worse still it is cowardice and complicity: don’t do the deed yourself, simply savor its being done! You can maintain "plausible deniability" before the world — your inactions speak volumes — but God sees the heart, the mind, the will ... in all its corruption.

In the meanwhile, shall we pretend that it is not happening (as we have pretended for over 50 years) until — to our everlasting shame — the arm of the State in the form of Grand Juries and subpoenas forces the Church’s hand to comply with Justice (a Cardinal Virtue, remember?) and turn over to competent authorities what documents they have not yet shredded — but in the ensuing 5 months will have plenty of time to.

If the Church obstinately refuses to punish her own children for crimes, then the State will address what are no less than felons unsparingly — as it should. No one should get a pass, no matter the color of his biretta or the trim of his robe — from priest to pope! Put them right in the slammer! — for God’s sake if only to protect the young and innocent. What a parody of the Church: the State must occupy the moral high ground and attempt to justly incarcerate those whom the Church has no manifest intention of defrocking or denouncing as reprobate — and expelling them from the Body of Christ! There are sins that incur automatic excommunication no matter what ecclesiastical office is occupied! That is the interior court of Justice — the conscience — that tribunal before God Himself which cannot be escaped or eluded — and in which there is no plea-bargaining. One may cleverly elude the State ... but forever remains on the crucible of his guilt — which will exact its tribute. Now or later. With apodictic certainty.

Consider the following:

seal of the state of pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA: over a thousand children and youths were raped by over 300 homosexual priests. Three hundred! Three hundred! The number is staggering!


seal of the state of massachusets

  MASSACHUSETTS: At least 789 children and probably more than 1,000 have been sexually abused by 250 priests in Massachusetts.” (New York Times) If the Archdiocese ever comes clean, the numbers in Pennsylvania will very likely pall before the overwhelming predation of children, minors, youths, and young men that has occurred here is sacristies, rectories, and seminaries.

Over the years in my own parish (typical Novus Ordo) I knew, over the years, that certain priests were homosexual (the sashaying, lisping, the feminine hand gestures, the many movements we associate with women) and was once even propositioned in the Confessional in a Church the next town over.

Over the years in my own parish (typical Novus Ordo) I knew, over the years, that certain priests were homosexual (the sashaying, lisping, the feminine hand gestures, the many movements we associate with women) and was once even propositioned in the Confessional in a Church the next town over.

One priest at my parish left the priesthood (presumably) to “marry” another priest. I would never have suspected him. Never. And that is scary. No feminine gestures. No clues — which means that you cannot tell — until the hand is on your thigh. At Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton in the late 70’s I attended some “Days of Recollection” for young men considering the priesthood. At once I could sense, see, the femininity of the young men — and more troubling still, the priests themselves who led the “Days of Recollection.” After attending several times I found myself set apart and alone …. marginalized — presumably because it must have been apparent that I was not one of the girls. The atmosphere was permeated by homosexuality … without the merest hint of the “odor of sanctity”.

St. John's Seminary Brighton - Boston MA

St. John's Seminary Brighton - Boston MA



Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts, was (and probably still is) in desperate need of fumigation. It reeked of homosexuality. I considered contacting the Chancery about this openly scandalous state of affairs but had learned that any letter to any bishop was answered politely but dismissively by one of his assistants (who himself may have been homosexual and not particularly sympathetic to any request for addressing the issue.)

Talking with other young men later — who were married and with children — their experience was the same. They chose the vocation to the priesthood but were not allowed to go beyond the pink doors — because they were straight, or worse still, straight and adherent to Church teaching. After much soul-searching they found their vocation elsewhere — just as I did. There were, I found, lots of vocations to the priesthood — but their fidelity and masculinity were an impediment that did not sit well with those who made the decisions. No scent of Lavender? Then the Pink Door slams in your face.

Religious Orders? Fumigate them, too

As I searched and searched for a Religious Order (surely Religious Orders were not infected …) as an External Postulant for the Capuchin Franciscans (who, at the time, had a monastery in Milton) my Vocation Director, a certain Father Matthias, asked me if I believed all that the Church taught. Unhesitatingly I truthfully answered “yes”. WRONG ANSWER! “No”, he replied at once. “We must question.” The Catholic Church?

As a philosophy student in graduate school I well knew the subtleties of inquiry together with the spurious and absurd “imperative” that a scholar — especially in philosophy — accept nothing as certain (the “doctrine” of nearly every university in America). “That is not good”, Father Matthias continued — as I processed in my mind everything from Saints Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus, Saint Anselm and a dozen others as we walked. I briefly wondered if I had wandered into a Jesuit retreat house. They, too, lost God after Vatican II. But Father Matthias wore a habit — that more than likely cloaked his disbelief. Jesuits do not and are generally contemptuously unapologetic about it. I thought of a Barren Fig Tree.

But Father Matthias was the one whose skewed and illogical “spirituality” I had to get around if I hoped to make it to the Order’s main monastery in Garrison, NY (now The Garrison Institute for Transformational and Contemplative Ecology  — a non-sectarian pseudo-sanitarium dedicated to “The Science of Contemplative Practice and neuroplasticity” where people actually pay to be indoctrinated with “climate change and environmental advocacy, neuro-, behavioral and evolutionary economics, psychology, social networking, policy-making, and investing and social media to work together on ways to shift behavior on a large enough scale to realize substantial emissions reductions.” It’s true.

I never made it to Garrison because God had other plans for me that included a wife and four children — I never looked back.

But now, over my shoulder, and with inexpressible anguish in my heart — I see Rome burning. And Nero fiddling.

I find it ... queer ... that the vast majority of this homosexual insinuation into the priesthood — and the subsequent horrendous rape of our children and the perversion of Catholic morality — occurred in the years following the “ecumenical” decadence we have come to know as Vatican II and its abjuration of the One, True, Holy and Catholic Church — that preceded it for 2000 years ... and which ever survives those who lay siege to Her?

Aggiornamento! Ah, the reek of the world that rushed in when John XXIII — of unhappy memory — famously “flung open the windows”! How the incense of all that is holy poured out — while the effluence and fume of the world seeped in!

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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