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Home ... the One, True, Holy, Catholic Church

 “That understanding of its sacred dogmas must be perpetually retained, which Holy Mother Church once declared; and there must never be a recession from that meaning under the specious name of a deeper understanding
(Blessed Pope Pius IX, 1st Vatican Council, S.3, C.2 on Revelation, 1870 ex cathedra)



Traditional Catholics


Why we must stand with Christ ... and not the World

and perhaps  — increasingly — not even Pope Francis


 One of the last faithful Catholic Bishops left in the World — and his name is Athanasius, too
Listen to one of the last faithful bishops left in the world — and his name is Athanasius, too


Holy Mother Church — Catholicism — has been around for over 2000 years  and has celebrated the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the Altar ad orientem — facing the East — the priest facing God in the Holy Mysteries unfolding before the congregation who hear — no matter where they are, or what their native tongue, the Mass as it has been celebrated for two millennia — in Latin. The priest is intensely focused on God whom he worships — with the people who are oriented exactly as the priest is: to God — and not to each other. The priest has no need to leave the holy Sanctuary (which he ought not do) descend the three steps, if there are any, and go into the aisle and mingle with the people in a Question & Answer format that has little or nothing to do with the Gospel Reading or the Epistles. He is entertaining the congregation and the more laughs he elicits the more popular he is — in entertaining ... with has nothing to do with Latria —  supreme worship accorded to God alone! It is sacred. It is solemn. It is holy. Christ is being crucified before you in that re-presentation of Calvary! Will you laugh, joke, be entertained? The only ones who laughed and joked and were entertained were the unbelievers: the Romans, the Pharisees, the Sadducees who stood at the foot of the Cross and spat on Him, ridiculed Him, who laughed and were entertained by the enormity, this spectacle unequaled in the annals of the world! They laughed! And now you will ... too?




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Our Francis who art in Rome

This is the word of Francis...?

Papa noster ...?


The Problem: Francis — specifically his tampering with Sacred Scripture itself — again. And today, yet again.

Now Francis has called for a revision of the Lord’s Prayer in the way of amending the sixth petition “and lead us not into temptation”. That Jesus Christ Himself taught us to pray this way means nothing to Francis. He has a better idea, a better way to end the Our Father than Christ gave us when He said Thus therefore shall you pray: Our Father ...”  (Saint Matthew 6.9)

Christ as a Secondary Source

Increasingly in the papacy of Francis, Christ is now a secondary source.

Francis is the first.

Do you doubt it? Consider the following:

One may Never do Evil that Good may come of it: Romans 3.8

To wit:

Jesus Christ: Every one that putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and he that marrieth her that is put away from her husband, committeth adultery. (Saint Matthew 16.18) Period!

Francis: in certain circumstances, a person who is divorced and remarried and is living in an active sexual partnership might not be responsible or culpable for the mortal sin of adultery particularly when a person judges that he would fall into a subsequent fault by damaging the children of the new union.” Francis finally declared this to be his “authentic magisterium” through his scandalous and deeply divisive Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Latetia. In so many words, adultery is now permissible in the Catholic Church  — no matter what Christ taught!

“One may never do evil that good may come of it!” — how are we to reconcile what Christ and Saint Paul taught ... with the rhapsodic teachings of Francis — that contradict them? Saint Peter and the apostles answering, said [to the authorities who threatened them]: We ought to obey God, rather than men. (Acts. 5.29)

Whether it concerns homosexuality, adultery and “re-marriage”, the Holy Eucharist and its worthy reception, and now the 2000 year old Lord’s Prayer, Francis has a new solution to a problem that does not exist — a redaction which is not consonant with either Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition — and now ... even with the words Christ uttered Himself. Will he revise all of Sacred Scripture to “correctly” accord with the progressive agenda he unabashedly pursues? Who — we ask — can correct God Himself? Indeed, “Shall he that contends with the Almighty instruct Him?” (Job 40.2)  It is, quite suddenly, a real question  ... and one that frighteningly verges on diabolical pride.

The Solution: Pray the Our Father — the Pater Noster — in Latin:
“Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.”, instead of proliferating “Our Francis who art in Rome” into the nearly 7000 living languages of Babel where the Novus Ordo Mass is celebrated before an ever diminishing congregation.

And do not commit adultery — no matter what Francis or any other disaffected Catholic ecclesiastic tells you. It is nothing less than sophistry. It may be okay with him, but it is against the Seventh Commandment given by God Himself. Let us say, rather, with Saint Peter: We ought to obey God, rather than men.

It is unimaginable that we find ourselves uttering this ... of  the man called the Pope of the Catholic Church.

In giving Saint Peter the keys to loose and to bind (Saint Matthew 16.19), Christ did not give him — or his successors — the authority to abolish what He Himself taught. Indeed, Christ was insistent: “Going therefore, teach ye all nations ... to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you (Saint Matthew 28.19-20).

What are we to make of all this ... for it is extremely portentous of the future of the Church and its faithfulness to Christ?

Under Francis, Christendom will crumble — but the sacred Church of the Ages, the Faith of our Fathers, our holy Mother the Church lives still, and will never be overcome. Christ promised this. The authentic Catholic Church will be smaller and holier because it will cleave to Her Spouse Jesus Christ in enclaves, however small, throughout the world where the Mass is still celebrated as it was before Vatican II, and where the true teachings of the Church still prevail over the ways of the world — and always will.


Boston Catholic Journal
December 12, 2017

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Are the Sedevacantists Right ... after all?


Sede Vacante

Is the Chair of Saint Peter Empty?



Francis is the culmination of quite nearly every argument brought against the legitimacy of the popes who have sat on the seat of Saint Peter since Pope Pius XII — at the latest. Francis’s utterances, positions and propositions — to say nothing of his actions — have at the very least given credence to, and vigorously supported claims that he is not the pope ... after all.  Given the overwhelming support of the heresy of Modernism that now infects virtually every aspect of the Church — and which Francis appears to champion at every opportunity — the question is quite suddenly no longer academic. Nor can we appeal to the New Code of Canon Law improvised during Vatican II to settle the question, since the Code itself is infected.

Francis sits in the Chair of Saint Peter, and exercises all the prerogatives of a pope — but quite possibly is not the pope. His ascending to the Throne of Saint Peter was scandalously preceded by canonically illicit and incredibly open lobbying (the infamous ST. Gallen Group, a.k.a the Vatican Mafia as they enjoyed calling themselves) who were subsequently given seats of the highest honor following his election. He has celebrated the Protestant Reformation and ordered Vatican postal stamps be issued with Martin Luther piously presented. He has equated all religions as paths of sanctification — and ultimately salvation: in a word, he appears, by word and deed, to be a Pantheist under the guise of Ecumenism. His love for the ascription of humility to him is painfully obvious given his carefully orchestrated and widely publicized humble gestures. On the other hand, in the real world, to those who disagree with him, he is a petulant, angry and often vulgar autocrat who tolerates no dissension from his Weltanschaung and who ruthlessly punishes critics of his signature platforms. An atmosphere of fear permeates the Vatican 2 it is often written and quoted. Of what? Of not going along to get along; fear of not supporting his most ambitious reforms lest punishment follow. It rather sounds more like the reign of Caligula than a pope.

Francis has distorted, defied, or denied Sacred Scripture — which is to say what Jesus Christ Himself teaches us — even as he is portrayed on nearly every Catholic web site kneeling and praying ... even by some of those who openly challenge what he is doing to the Church. Think of it: when a tragedy occurs, Catholic websites claim as
news that Pope Francis laments or condemns such and such.  That is supposed to be newsworthy? Atheists do the same but do not get the copy. It is the incessant indoctrination of the mantra Francis the humble that the worldly press encourages because they know he is dismantling 2000 years of Catholicism that opposed all or most of their anti-Catholic views on abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, ecology, Mother Earth, and even politics ... all of which, received more of Franciss humble mercy  either explicitly or implicitly in that New Age Encyclical he called Amoris Laetitia.

Now we are told, by one of Francis’s staunchest supporters (and benefactor of Francis) that “We must let go of “cherished beliefs” (Cardinal Cupich)
re-imagine the Church” (that was never imaginary to begin with) and begin a revolution that will wean Catholics away from what he described, verbatim, as an adolescent spirituality into an adult spirituality. 1 Presumably, given Franciss penchant for Lutheranism this must mean Protestant and not historically Catholic spirituality— but which one of thousands of Protestant sects, we wonder, does he see as the paradigm for grown-up spirituality? Lutheranism appears to be on the fast track. Or perhaps it may be Islam? Judaism? Taoism? Hinduism? All?

Francis’s smug arrogance toward those who presented questions in the form of legitimate Dubia (which a year later remain contemptuously unanswered) for clarification by Francis has been nothing less than scandalous — because what he stated in Amoris Laetitia and elsewhere leaves not only simple Catholics confused, but cardinals, bishops, and philosophers as well (all of whom he penalized for their support of clarification of important Scriptural and Church doctrine which he has compromised and cannot answer without revising his agenda for the
Church of Surprise and Encounter that he, Cardinal Cupich, and his coterie of disaffected Catholics at the Vatican are endeavoring to build — and that has little or no resemblance to the Catholic Church of the 2000 years preceding Vatican II.

The fact is, I do not recognize the Church I once knew. Nor its Mass. Nor its increasingly secular teachings that appear to conform to the world  and not Christ — and at the expense of Christ and that now quaint and childish notion of
the salvation of immortal souls.

IF Francis is genuinely a legitimate pope, his reign will be — unquestionably — the most destructive in Church history. If Francis does not follow Christ — we must not follow Francis.

But then again, face it: we deserve this pope. He is definitely attuned to this generation! He is — and he appears to be acutely aware of it — what the world wants. Of course what the world wants and what Christ wants are quite different ... in fact, diametrically opposed. (Saint John 15.19)

So is Francis really pope? We infamously retort:
Who are we to judge?

NOTA BENE:  Bear in mind — for it is of the greatest importance — that the Holy Catholic Church does not cease to exist when there is no pope on the Seat of Peter. The longest papal election lasted nearly three years and occurred in the 13th century when the cardinals convened to choose a successor to Clement IV on Mar 11, 1271. The Church endured this interregnum. It will surely outlast Francis and friends.

Boston Catholic Journal
November 18, 2017





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A note about the graphic: No, it is not the backdrop of a horror film superimposed on the cardinals present. It is the Paul VI Audience Hall. See "Why does the Paul VI Audience Hall look so demonic?"




The Church on Her Knees

Cardinal Cupich: “We must let go of “cherished beliefs”


Where do we go when the “Church of Discernment” Replaces the Holy Catholic Church?

U.S. Cardinal Blase J. Cupich appointed by Francis to the powerful Vatican Congregation for Bishops made the following unimaginable statement: “If Catholics want to engage in “discernment” like Pope Francis does, they must let go of “cherished beliefs” and outlined the “rebuilding and re-imagining of the Church through “discernment” and “dialogue” — nouveau concepts dear to Pope Francis's vision of a new Church emerging from the ashes of 2000 years of history, teaching, and tradition that Vatican II ignited and Pope Francis is determined to consume in a conflagration that will obliterate all distinctions between Catholics and Protestants — and perhaps a totally “inclusive” pan-religious “Faith Community” that will abolish the Roman Catholic Church — much as the Communist Revolution was to abolish all class distinctions in the “withering away of the State”. It will be, as Cupich flatly states, “a revolution”, a process and a Church that will necessarily have its “own vocabulary”.

“Graduation Day” for Catholics?

Indeed, Cardinal Cupich maintains that we must graduate from our Catholic “adolescence” into what we presume he understands as a largely Protestant spirituality based on conscience:

According to Lifesite News, “In June, the Cardinal interpreted the Pope’s 2016 exhortation Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love) as a call for Catholics to graduate from “an adolescent spirituality into an adult spirituality” where they will be able to use their “freedom of conscience” to “discern truth” in their life ... Cupich has argued that active homosexuals should be able to receive Holy Communion and is a public supporter of Jesuit priest and homosexualist Vatican adviser James Martin.” 1

How are we to understand his clearly pejorative description of genuine Catholic spirituality as “adolescent”? After 2000 years is it in need of maturation? Is it not much more a matter of accommodation — specifically ecumenical accommodation to better align Catholic with Protestant doctrine and spirituality? Indeed, the admiration of Pope Francis for the arch-heresiarch Martin Luther and his recent ebullient “Commemoration” of the Reformation is unmistakable ... and deeply regrettable. It is an exuberance equally shared by Cardinal Cupich. 2  What does it say, however, to the faithful of the past 2000 years? That they have lived in spiritual immaturity, replete with all the devotions and practices that characterized Catholics before (and even after) Vatican II — and which were the very beliefs and practices which Luther reviled, and many Protestants since?

Where now?

Where will Catholics faithful to the Magisterium and the Sacred Deposit of Faith go once this revolution materializes? To what Church — after the Roman Catholic Church has been “re-imagined” — indeed, we hold that it was never imaginary (and therefore in no need of re-imagining) to begin with, but a beautiful reality in the ugly and impoverished world of the City of Man? To the nearest Lutheran church? Episcopal? The logic of ecumenism does not exclude even the mosque! Of course this sounds nonsensical. Why? It is nonsense! We cannot go to a Lutheran church or a mosque — however ecumenically magnanimous we are urged to be — for nowhere else apart from the One, True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church will we find Jesus Christ — in the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in Holy Communion, and in the Most Blessed Sacrament. An “imagined” or “re-imagined” church has none of these — and never will.





Boston Catholic Journal
3 November 2017

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The Iron Fist of Francis

No Mercy for critics

The Pope who Lavishes Mercy on all ... but Critics of his Radical Agenda


What happens when you disagree with Pope Francis — especially about things historically engraved in the Church and clearly enunciated in the Gospels? We present you with a vignette. On the 31st of July 2016 Father Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap. — a learned advisor to the US Bishops Advisor Committee — presented Francis with the following letter which must first be read in the context that prompted him to write it:

July 31, 2017
Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Your Holiness,

I write this letter with love for the Church and sincere respect for your office. You are the Vicar of Christ on earth, the shepherd of his flock, the successor to St. Peter and so the rock upon which Christ will build his Church. All Catholics, clergy and laity alike, are to look to you with filial loyalty and obedience grounded in truth. The Church turns to you in a spirit of faith, with the hope that you will guide her in love.

Yet, Your Holiness, a chronic confusion seems to mark your pontificate. The light of faith, hope, and love is not absent, but too often it is obscured by the ambiguity of your words and actions. This fosters within the faithful a growing unease. It compromises their capacity for love, joy and peace. Allow me to offer a few brief examples.

First there is the disputed Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia. I need not share my own concerns about its content. Others, not only theologians, but also cardinals and bishops, have already done that. The main source of concern is the manner of your teaching. In Amoris Laetitia, your guidance at times seems intentionally ambiguous, thus inviting both a traditional interpretation of Catholic teaching on marriage and divorce as well as one that might imply a change in that teaching. As you wisely note, pastors should accompany and encourage persons in irregular marriages; but ambiguity persists about what that “accompaniment” actually means. To teach with such a seemingly intentional lack of clarity inevitably risks sinning against the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit is given to the Church, and particularly to yourself, to dispel error, not to foster it. Moreover, only where there is truth can there be authentic love, for truth is the light that sets women and men free from the blindness of sin, a darkness that kills the life of the soul. Yet you seem to censor and even mock those who interpret Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia in accord with Church tradition as Pharisaic stone-throwers who embody a merciless rigorism. This kind of calumny is alien to the nature of the Petrine ministry. Some of your advisors regrettably seem to encouraged, particularly during the two past synods, all persons, especially bishops, to speak their mind and not be fearful of what the pope may think. But have you noticed that the majority of bishops throughout the world are remarkably silent? Why is this? Bishops are quick learners, and what many have learned from your pontificate is not that you are open to criticism, but that you resent it. Many bishops are silent because they desire to be loyal to you, and so they do not express – at least publicly; privately is another matter – the concerns that your pontificate raises. Many fear that if they speak their mind, they will be marginalized or worse.
I have often asked myself: “Why has Jesus let all of this happen?” The only answer that comes to mind is that Jesus wants to manifest just how weak is the faith of many within the Church, even among too many of her bishops. Ironically, your pontificate has given those who hold harmful theological and pastoral views the license and confidence to come into the light and expose their previously hidden darkness. In recognizing this darkness, the Church will humbly need to renew herself, and so continue to grow in holiness.

Holy Father, I pray for you constantly and will continue to do so. May the Holy Spirit lead you to the light of truth and the life of love so that you can dispel the darkness that now hides the beauty of Jesus’ Church.

Sincerely in Christ,

Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap.


The Aftermath embodies Franciss typically iron-fisted, autocratic, and paranoid response to any criticism of him or what he utters — even if it is contrary to the teaching of the Church:

The Pope’s Response:

The US bishops’ conference has announced that Fr Thomas Weinandy has resigned (sic) as an advisor to their Committee on Doctrine after he published a letter strongly critical of Pope Francis.

“After speaking with the General Secretary of the Conference today, Father Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., has resigned, effective immediately, from his position as consultant to the USCCB Committee on Doctrine,” the bishops said in a statement.

“The work of the committee is done in support of, and in affective collegiality with, the Holy Father and the Church in the United States,” they added. “Our prayers go with Father Weinandy as his service to the committee comes to a close.

In a separate statement, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, president of the US bishops’ conference, appeared to suggest that Fr Weinandy’s letter was not sufficiently charitable towards the Pope.

“As bishops, we recognize the need for honest and humble discussions around theological and pastoral issues. We must always keep in mind St Ignatius of Loyola’s ‘presupposition’ to his Spiritual Exercises: …that it should be presumed that every good Christian ought to be more eager to put a good interpretation on a neighbor’s statement than to condemn it.”

“This presupposition should be afforded all the more to the teaching of Our Holy Father,” the cardinal added.

The announcement came the same day that Fr Weinandy published his letter saying many Catholics are losing confidence in Francis’s pontificate.

He accused the Pope of fostering a “growing unease” and “chronic confusion” through guidance that seems “intentionally ambiguous”, especially regarding Amoris Laetitia.

He also said Pope Francis was promoting bishops who “seem not merely open to those who hold views counter to Christian belief, but who support and even defend them.”


This is the typical response of Francis to any criticism of every type and in every form: fire him, demote him, belittle him, “banish him”,  “silence him” , punish him”, remove him from any position of influence ( No famous mercy here. No vaunted dialogue with informed (largely Traditional) Catholics that he extends to every religious group outside the Church. Lutheran female Archbishop of the Church of Sweden (which accepts homosexuality, abortion, contraception, and female priestesses) Antje Jackelén is warmly greeted by Francis — Traditional Catholics are angrily and dismissively relegated to outer darkness. But, you say, the pope did not force Father Weinandy’s resignation. The US bishops did! Right. And the moon is made of green cheese.

Much more of this rancorous intolerance toward those in his own House that he may abolish all distinctions with those without — and who will not enter — and which is increasingly evident in Francis's papacy remains to unfold, we fear, to the great detriment of the Church and to the salvation of souls — for which She exists.

Boston Catholic Journal

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Obedience to the pope presumes the pope’s obedience to Christ, and to the nearly 2000 year old Sacred Deposit of Faith that Christ entrusted to His Bride the Church. In Holy Scripture, in Sacred Tradition, and in the Deposit of Faith we find the fullness of truth and the unerring certainty of the will of God in all things. Who defects from any of the three defects from all and who teaches otherwise teaches heresy. He is separated from the Church.


Pope Francis and the smoke of satan in the sanctuary

The Odor of Sulfur ... not Sanctity


Who has not smelled it?

Who is not confused? In the face of daily assaults on 2000 years of the consistent teaching of the Church, on the very Deposit of Faith, and on the validity of Sacred Scripture itself what Catholic has not asked — in the fearfully deep and most secret recesses of his soul — the question “Whence?” From whom and from what comes this relentless scourging of faith — this overwhelming defection from all that is holy to all that is vile?

“There is smoke in the sanctuary” and instinctively we perceive it, recoil from it. It is proffered as incense but is pungent to our senses.

We are confused between the-Word-of-God-become-Man and the-word-of-man-become-god.

What a fearful divide rends the Body of Christ anew!  See how the sheep are scattered! Need we tell you who is the father of confusion and lies ...?

Imagine ... the pope himself as the principle cause of confusion — and defection — in the Catholic Church. It is nothing less than ... diabolically clever.

Pray for Pope Francis whom satan has sought to sift like wheat. 1  And sadly, it would appear, to great measure ...

But take heart, despite these present evils: “When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” (Saint Matthew 9.36)

But Jesus Himself is the Good Shepherd. The sheep follow Him, because they know His voice. But a stranger they follow not, but fly from him, because they know not the voice of strangers. (Saint John 10:4-5)


Scandal of Unprecedented Magnitude in the Church

Alas, under the papacy of Francis it is the Shepherd himself who ruthlessly scatters the flock. The Faithful increasingly persecuted — by the bishops and hierarchy under Francis. This is scandal of unprecedented magnitude in the Church!

Indeed, as noted German Philosopher Robert Spaemann, laments, “It was easier during Nazi times to be a faithful Christian than today.”

Hold fast to the Faith of our Fathers! Cleave to Christ and to what He has spoken — and fear nothing, and no one — no matter his power or how ruthlessly it demands submission. For there is no other name under Heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4.12)

Did not Christ Himself promise:  I will not forsake you. (Saint John 14.18)?

Nor must we ever forsake Him through any inducement to sin — by whomsoever.


Saint Luke 22.31


Boston Catholic Journal
October 20, 2017

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Feminism: the Bride of the Beast, the devil






And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy … having a golden cup in

her hand, full of the abomination and filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: A

mystery; Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth.

And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus … ”

                                                                                                                                                  (Apocalypse 17.3-8)




Gender Wars



the loss of Masculinity, Femininity and ultimately our Humanity

There is something as conspicuously absent in as many men today as something else is extraordinarily absent in many women. And both pertain to a dearth though an extraordinary permutation. What are they?

Manly men

Womanly women

It is the ideological repudiation of unmitigated gender.

What do I mean? The clear (readily apprehensible) distinction between men and women, both in behavior, appearance, and expectations, has radically diminished in the present generation; in fact, by a very clear agendum — a political and social correctitude foisted upon us by the liberal apparat — the distinction has become so attenuated in some circles as to have become permeable. This is particularly true in academia, and exceptionally true in the Church.

Before the priest-pedophile scandal — the epicenter of which was here, in Boston — it was not uncommon to find a parish priest with all the effeminate mannerisms, vocal inflections, and physical sashaying associated with “liberated/outed” homosexuals. The excessively affected hand gestures more typical of a woman than a man, the lisping speech and delicate affectations did little to conceal his being homosexual. We all knew it. And we “correctly” said nothing … until he raped our little boys and scores of other boys. It was only when the secular law took the moral high-ground (to the damnable shame of the bishops) that we recognized our own complicity in it by giving the “gay” priest a pass through overlooking the obvious.

The Cross and Dressing … or Cross-Dressing?

Men have become increasingly feminized and submissive and women have become increasingly masculinized and dominant. Effeminate men and butch women. How did this happen? And how did it manage even to pervade the Church despite three millennia of unequivocal teaching explicitly prohibiting it?

Thou shalt not Cross-Dress

God Himself is quite clear about this:

“A woman shall not be clothed with man's apparel, neither shall a man use woman' s apparel: for he that doeth these things is abominable before God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5)

Part of carrying ones Cross has always been radicated in gender and the temptations of the flesh — as we see above for both men and women. This is the clearest proscription against homosexuality together with that of Saint Paul:

“For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.” (Romans 1:24-27)

How have the divine commandments been supplanted by municipal ordinances, state and federal sanctions? And how can we conscionably comply with these ordinances when:

“Peter and the Apostles answering, said: We ought to obey God, rather than men.” (Acts 5.29)


The loss of Masculinity, Femininity and ultimately our Humanity

How is a society to be deemed “free” when it not only prescinds from, but legislates against the most fundamental freedom of the individual conscience that has been informed by over 2000 years of Christian teaching — teaching which explicitly contradicts current State “policy”? With whom, then, do we stand? With God or man? With the Apostles or the politicians?

Conscience cannot be “legislated”. We have learned nothing from Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. The Nuremberg Laws of 1933 were State policy: Jews, Slavs, and the handicapped are non-persons. It was law. It was policy. It was the steel fist of the state driven by the engine of uncompromising ideology. Its stamp was final. You either thought “correctly” — or literally ceased to think. Are there parallels here? If there are not, then we are blind … or there are no such things as concurrent lines perpetually equidistant.

But we digress. Let us look a little more closely at this mutation, or permutation, between the sexes that is the fundamental ideology behind the superficial agenda of feminism and how it appears to have unfolded under the guise of “equality”. Being equal is not being the same. Being equal in the polity does not equate with being the same in gender, still less the broader effort to abolish the concept of gender despite its biological intransigence.

Men and women — if we admit to the distinction. Often they wear the same clothes and the same hair styles (women with hair as short as men, men with hair as long as women — though, happily, less so now than 30 years ago) and more than once you have asked yourself in genuine perplexity, “Is that a man or a woman … a manly women or a womanly man?” Sometimes you have been unable to reach an honestly definitive conclusion.

Perhaps the precursor to the vector of this mutation lies in “Rosie the Riveter” of the World War II era when women assumed jobs in dominantly male industries (welders, riveters, machinists, etc.) because the men were shipped off to war and needed the matériel to sustain it). Dressing themselves appropriately for the job, they donned slacks and other forms of erstwhile exclusively masculine attire — which they promptly put aside upon returning home and disposed of altogether when the war ended.

However, another war followed; one that did not pit nation against nation, or one political theory against another antagonistic to it, but something far more fundamental — a unilateral war, in fact, between biology and ideology; a war instigated and perpetrated by man — upon his very nature as human. Biology (apart from man’s manipulation of it), most would agree, is, at its most basic level, immutable: your gender, the color of your eyes, your anatomical structure, is determined at the most irreducible cellular level — in the DNA encoding that determines every physiological aspect pertaining to you even before your birth.

In Hollywood’s G.I. Jane of 1997, Demi Moore sports a recruit haircut to the scalp, ambitious to prove herself (as a paradigm for all women) as equally masculine, physically strong and strong-willed; as adept at close-hand combat, mano-a-mano, as in uttering a string of expletives after soundly stomping her seasoned, war-tested (Ranger, Navy Seal, Green Beret) drill instructor, 100 pounds heavier and one foot taller — as any man. In fact she just beat the best of them! The other (male) recruits, following the tiresomely predictable script, adulate her with cheers and embrace her as one of their own, as “one of the guys”, and off they go to have a beer, spit lungers, adjust their crotches, and pepper their speech with F-bombs. G.I. Jane is definitely “high-speed”.

Another, and far more likely contributor, was the implementation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which mandated that public education treat males and females equally: dresses could not be required of female students and dress codes changed in public schools across the United States.

The Mother of All Wars

Apart from sin against God, this gender war, which — illogically — is at the same time a gender transmutation, is the most vile and contemptuous war ever waged. It is the most basic war ever waged — greater than nation against nation, culture against culture, or religion against religion. All such wars pale in significance because the malice is far more fundamental, cutting across all borders, all languages, all ethnicities in every culture and in every civilization in which this poisonous seed has been sown, nourished, and cultivated by Militant Feminism and an absolutely intolerant homofascist lobby that sashays through the halls of Congress, state houses, and the halls of academia (not having children, there is much money to spend lobbying, and no small number of venal politicians). It is the mother of all wars, to use one madman’s infamous phrase.

It is nothing less than the seed of destruction for every nation, every religion, every population … and in the end, of humanity itself.

More accurately understood, it is a bitter, uncompromising, unilateral and ideological war by one species of humans against another species of humans (an intraspecific war, if you will, between species of the same genus) predicated solely on biological and ontological differences inherent within and constituting the definition of the genus itself to which both species belong. This is not simply a philosophical and biological perspective, but is necessary to understand the magnitude and the madness inherent in such a war.

It is instigated solely by one species to the end of effectively abrogating the differentiation within the genus itself, either by eliminating the species (which would eo ipso eliminate the genus) or, that failing, attempt to assimilate the species by negating any differentiation between them.

The insanity, or perhaps better yet, madness, is instigated by an unrelenting malice toward one human gender by the other: the malice toward men as men by women as wannabe men.

Simply put, it is Feminism ...

Its genesis lies in the unabashed triumph of masculinated Feminism over a once unapologetic masculinity. Let me explain.

It has little to do with the aspiration to acquire what are viewed as the prerogatives of men, and much, apparently, to do with the aspiration, not to abolish masculinity, but to acquire it; and if this cannot be achieved biologically, then it attempts to acquire the semblance of it, the closest proximity to it, through legislation, agitation, “social action”, and so on. There are, apparently, many women who, quite frankly, envy men. No, not just the presumed prerogatives of men, but masculinity itself. Far from being the champions of women, Feminism, in its ideological DNA, appears to wish to abolish women, to extirpate femininity, as though womanhood were inferior to manhood; as though femininity were an epithet rather than a virtue. Many do not simply want parity with men, or even superiority over them … but to be men. Hence, the masculinized woman: short hair, assertive, aggressive, powerful, working out with weights, body-building, tattooed, having Harleys and helmets as much as business “powersuits” … any similitude that accrues to masculinity. Didn’t Freud say something about this?

But this is the logical surd: women ideologically antagonistic to men and expressing this antagonism by striving for masculinity, that is to say, for the very thing they purportedly detest. Another way of looking at it is the desire to abolish the masculinity of men by supplanting it with the masculinity of women. Unable to abolish it biologically, they co-opt it (as von Clausewicz would say) “by other means”. They will avenge themselves on the other species … by becoming the other species!


Of course, there is a reciprocal partnership is this war on biology: the men who wish to be women. It is the complete inversion of Feminism. Attempting to abolish their own masculinity, they strive precisely for what Feminism repudiates. They are not the casualties of feminism; to the contrary, they are its closest allies. Homofascisti and Feminofascists. This alignment forms, well, an Axis around which complementary ideologies revolve. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini tolerated any opposing view, and any opposing party was summarily dealt with — demonized, marginalized, and worse. There is little difference between character assassination and summary execution: the opposition is rendered ineffective, inert. The propaganda machine of feminism and homofacism is no different. Intolerance is not to be tolerated! There is only one correct way of thinking. And if you value your livelihood, your character, your own integrity … you had better step in line …

Watch what you say

In a free and open society that is less afraid of its own government than any foreign enemy possibly lurking at its borders, the right to freedom of speech, expression, and especially religious belief is the definition of a free and open society. There is no Party line to toe … and which to breach, would cost you your freedom. But who is the guarantor of this freedom of speech, expression, and especially religious belief and its observance? In America it is not invested in a person, but in a much abused parchment we call the United States Constitution. The freedoms we cherish are indited therein. While a small, elite, moneyed, and privileged few are allowed and encouraged to enjoy their curious perversities … “We the people” (at large) exercise them at our peril. In our history was our own freedom ever more precarious?


Boston Catholic Journal


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Boston Catholic Journal




Salus Animarum

the Salvation of Souls


Whatever became of this most Fundamental Imperative …
indeed, the very reason for the establishment and existence of the Church?


It is unlikely that the vast, indeed, the overwhelming majority of today’s Catholics have not so much as heard of this phrase as old as the Church itself; certainty, not in English — and with greater certainty still, not from the pulpit. The very concept of “the salvation of the soul” appears to be non grata in homiletics for quite nearly 50 years (corresponding, unsurprisingly, to the implementation of Vatican II) — despite the fact that the imperative itself is clearly and unambiguously codified as the supremus lex (the supreme law) in Canon Law (1752):

Salus animarum supemus lex esto

“The salvation of souls must be the supreme law in the Church.”

It is nothing less than the sole reason for the Incarnation … the Suffering, Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection … of Christ: the salvation of souls!

Christ as Savior; Christ as Redeemer, cannot be understood apart from this most fundamental and utterly simple concept: He came to save souls — not to heal bodies (although He did), not to rectify injustices, not to rehabilitate politics, not to instruct us on economics, and certainly not save the environment.

He came with only two purposes that are really one:

  • To do the will of the Father

  • And the will of the Father is this: to save souls for all eternity in Heaven (and in so doing, to deliver them from Hell).

It is really that simple; in fact, so simple that it eludes us in our pretensions to sophistication, and our preferences for sophistry.

For 2000 years the mission of the Church (and its raison d’etre , the very reason for its being) could be summed up in two words instantiating that same beautiful simplicity: Salus animarum — the Salvation of souls”.  Through Christ in the Sacraments this is its sole mission.

No other Mandate

The Church has no other mandate from Christ. Even healing the sick, raising the dead, delivering men from demonic possession, and all that He taught in the Sermon on the Mount were means only to the principle end: the salvation of the soul. Christ Himself emphatically asks:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (St. Matthew 16.26).

The purpose of all that He said and did was always eschatological, that is to say, pertaining to the Four Last Things:

  • Death

  • Judgment

  • Heaven

  • Hell

Everything else pales in significance. Two come once only, and two are at once everlasting.

To pretend that we really do not fully understand what Christ was talking about, and which He proclaimed in the clearest terms, is just that: pretension. We know very well what Christ said and did — but to our own devious and often deviant ends, we assume an air of erudite perplexity concerning them:

“Despite what He appears to say; indeed actually says — this is what He really means …” What follows seldom has anything to do with what He means. And we recognize it.

 Our own interpretation merely accords with what we wish He had said, for this would provide us with excuses for our sins or alternatives for His extremely unsettling pronouncements. We go from the reality of:  If only He had said …” to the fiction: “This is what He really means … because I am much more comfortable with this interpretation — which, rather coincidentally, allows me to continue in sin.”  In short, it is nothing more than wishful thinking, because they cannot both be true.

However contradictory to what Jesus and His Apostles really said and taught, we choose to believe another narrative, however factitious; a simulacrum that borrows the vocabulary of the real but with connotations utterly incongruous with it. It is disingenuous, a sham. There is a pathos of similitude but the depiction is counterfeit. We have not entered the mythical: we have fabricated it. Shamelessly. It pleases us … and this is the first clue that it is deceptive. We have both an aversion and an affinity for the truth. It is the patrimony of our broken heritage from the beginning. We ineluctably desire the true, but when it indicts us we demur from it; unable to accommodate both we resort to dissimilation, to a semblance of the real that is, despite our collusion with pretensions, a defection from it. Hence our penchant for comfortable and spurious “interpretations”.

For all our carefully fabricated allusions to what Christ really said and meant, we know the truth — because He is the Truth Who does not deceive nor can be deceived. We are not pleased with all He said, especially concerning things that frighten us because they describe us  … and convict us — and we know it! 

Despite this, we insist that so many vitally important things that Jesus clearly uttered are nevertheless not true —  because they are not “inclusive” and do not accord with our delicate post-modern sensitivities that any real deity would surely ascribe to. That some, perhaps many, are left in “outer darkness”, excluded from Heaven because of  their depravity and perversion, their penchant for sin and their obstinate predilection for evil, is unacceptable to our presently enlightened humanity. The list of our objections would be too long to enumerate and ultimately too tedious. Let us be satisfied with a few:

The Short List:

  • Not everyone goes to Heaven (St. Matthew 7:14)

  • People — indeed, many people — go to Hell (St. Matthew 7:14)

  • Hell is a real place of punishment, torment, and eternal suffering beyond our comprehension. It is the abode of the devil and demons. It is eternal and eternally devoid of any hope. (St. Matthew 5.29-10; Luke 16:19-31, 13.42; 25.41; St. Mark 9:42-44 etc.)

  • No one “goes to the Father” — enters Heaven — except though Christ (St. John 14:6)

  • If you deny Him before men on earth, He will deny you before His Father in Heaven (Matthew 10:33)

  • Not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord!” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven (St. Matthew 7:21)

  • Not any and every religion will bring you to Heaven (St. John 6.26-70)

  • Being a “nice person” does not suffice to bring you to Heaven or exempt you from Hell (St. Matthew 5.20; St. Mark 16.15-16)

Such pernicious nonsense has no place in our mythologized concept of God. We will have Heaven … “dammit”  ... but on our terms — despite what Jesus Christ says … much to our consternation, and quite likely to our damnation. We prefer other interpretations;  more comfortable and convenient exegeses ... and sadly they abound.

For my part, fool that I am, I will take Christ at His word. In fact, I stake my life on it.


Boston Catholic Journal

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for Properly Celebrating the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: A Primer for Clueless Catholics

DO NOT DO at Mass  what you would never have done were you standing at the foot of the Cross with Christ visibly before you.

DO at the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass what you would have done were you standing before Christ hanging on the Cross in front of you — for at Holy Mass you are at the crucifixion of Christ on the Cross — really and truly.

Had you closed your eyes for a moment while standing immediately before Christ upon the Cross, 
you would be where you are this day at the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

DO, then, what you would have done ... and DO NOT DO what you would never have done.

is the proper disposition of the soul at every single Mass.



Complete Roman Martyrology in English

The Complete Martyrology in


for Daily Reflection

Semen est sanguis Christianorum — The blood of Christians is the seed of the Church — Tertullian, Apologeticum, 50



Wednesday December 13th Season after Pentecost

Season of Adevnt

This Day, the Thirteenth Day of December

At Syracuse, in Sicily, the birthday of St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Diocletian. By the order of the ex-consul Paschasius, she was delivered to profligates, that her chastity might be insulted; but when they attempted to lead her away, they could not succeed, either with ropes or with many yoke of oxen. Then pouring hot pitch, rosin, and boiling oil over her body without injuring her, they finally plunged a sword into her throat, and thus completed her martyrdom.

In Armenia, the martyrdom of the holy martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes, in the persecution of Diocletian. Eustratius was first subjected alone to barbarous torments under Lysias. Then he was conducted to Sebaste, where he was tortured together with Orestes under the governor Agricolaus, and being cast into a furnace, yielded up his soul; but Orestes being laid on a bed of red-hot iron, rendered his soul to God. The others were made to endure most grievous torments among the Arabraci, under the governor Lysias, and consummated their martyrdom in different manners. Their relics were afterwards carried to Rome, and placed with due honors in the Church of St. Apollinaris.

Near Sardinia, in the island of Solta, the martyrdom of St. Antiochus, under the emperor Adrian.

At Cambrai, in France, St. Aubertus, bishop and confessor.

In Ponthieu, St. Judocus, confessor.

In Alsace, St. Othilia, abbess.

At Moulins, in France, the birthday of St. Jane Frances Fremiot de Chantal, foundress of the nuns of the Visitation of St. Mary, distinguished by the nobility of her birth, by the holiness she constantly manifested in four different states of life, and by the gift of miracles. She was placed among the saints by Clement XIII. Her sacred body was conveyed to Annecy, in Savoy, and interred with great pomp in the first church of her Order. By the command of Clement XIV, her festival is kept by the whole Church on the 21st of August.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

Omnes sancti Mártyres, oráte pro nobis. ("All ye Holy Martyrs, pray for us", from the Litaniae Sanctorum, the Litany of the Saints)

Response: Thanks be to God.


Roman Martyrology by Month

January February March April May June
July August September October November December



Why the Martyrs Matter

Each day
we bring you a calendar, a list really, of the holy Martyrs who had suffered and died for Christ, for His Bride the Church, and for our holy Catholic Faith; men and women for whom — and well they knew — their Profession of Faith would cost them their lives.

They could have repudiated all three (Christ, Church, and Catholic Faith) and kept their lives for a short time longer (even the lapsi only postponed their death — and at so great a cost!).1

What would motivate men, women, even children and entire families to willingly undergo the most evil and painfully devised tortures; to suffer death rather than denial?

Why did they not renounce their Catholic Faith when the first flame licked at their feet, after the first eye was plucked out, or after they were “baptized” in mockery by boiling water or molten lead poured over their heads? Why did they not flee to offer incense to the pagan gods since such a ritual concession would be merely perfunctory, having been done, after all, under duress, exacted by the compulsion of the state? What is a little burned incense and a few words uttered without conviction, compared to your own life and the lives of those you love? Surely God knows that you are merely placating the state with empty gestures …

Did they love their wives, husbands, children — their mothers, fathers and friends less than we do? Did they value their own lives less? Were they less sensitive to pain than we are? In a word, what did they possess that we do not?

Nothing. They possessed what we ourselves are given in the Sacrament of Confirmation — but cleaved to it in far greater measure than we do: Faith and faithfulness; fortitude and valor, uncompromising belief in the invincible reality of God, of life eternal in Him for the faithful, of damnation everlasting apart from Him for the unfaithful; of the ephemerality of this passing world and all within it, and lives lived in total accord with that adamant belief.

We are the Martyrs to come. What made them so will make us so. What they suffered we will suffer. What they died for, we will die for. If only we will! For most us, life will be a bloodless martyrdom, a suffering for Christ, for the sake of Christ, for the sake of the Church in a thousand ways outside the arena. The road to Heaven is lined on both sides with Crosses, and upon the Crosses people, people who suffered unknown to the world, but known to God. Catholics living in partibus infidelium, under the scourge of Islam. Loveless marriages. Injustices on all sides. Poverty. Illness. Old age. Dependency. They are the cruciform! Those whose lives became Crosses because they would not flee God, the Church, the call to, the demand for, holiness in the most ordinary things of life made extraordinary through the grace of God. The Martyrology we celebrate each day is just a vignette, a small, immeasurably small, sampling of the martyrdom that has been the lives of countless men and women whom Christ and the Angels know, but whom the world does not know.

“Exemplum enim dedi vobis”, Christ said to His Apostles 2  “I have given you an example.” And His Martyrs give one to us — and that is why the Martyrs matter.

Joseph Mary del Campos
Editor, Boston Catholic Journal

Note: We suggest that you explore our newly edited and revised
De SS. Martyrum Cruciatibus — The Torments and Tortures of the Christian Martyrs for an in-depth historical account of the sufferings of the Martyrs.



by J. Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore

THE ROMAN MARTYROLOGY is an official and accredited record, on the pages of which are set forth in simple and brief, but impressive words, the glorious deeds of the Soldiers of Christ in all ages of the Church; of the illustrious Heroes and Heroines of the Cross, whom her solemn verdict has beatified or canonized. In making up this long roll of honor, the Church has been actuated by that instinctive wisdom with which the Spirit of God, who abides in her and teaches her all truth, has endowed her, and which permeates through and guides all her actions. She is the Spouse of Christ, without spot or wrinkle or blemish, wholly glorious and undefiled, whom He loved, for whom He died, and to whom He promised the Spirit of Truth, to comfort her in her dreary pilgrimage through this valley of tears, and to abide with her forever. She is one with Him in Spirit and in love, she is subject to Him in all things; she loves what He loves, she teaches and practices what He commands.

If the world has its "Legions of Honor," why should not also the Church of the Living God, the pillar and the ground of the truth? If men who have been stained with blood, and women who have been tainted with vice, have had their memory consecrated in prose and in verse, and monuments erected to their memory, because they exhibited extraordinary talents, achieved great success, or were, to a greater or less extent, benefactors of their race in the temporal order, which passeth away, why should not the true Heroes and Heroines of Jesus, who, imitating His example, have overcome themselves, risen superior to and trampled upon the world, have aspired, in all their thoughts, words, and actions, to a heavenly crown, and have moreover labored with disinterested zeal and self-forgetting love for the good of their fellow-men, have their memories likewise consecrated and embalmed in the minds and hearts of the people of God? If time have its heroes, why should not eternity; if man, why should not God? Thy friends, O Lord, are exceedingly honored; their principality is exceedingly exalted. Whom His Father so dearly loved, the world crucified; whom the world neglects, despises, and crucifies, God, through His Church, exceedingly honors and exalts. Their praises are sung forth, with jubilation of heart, in the Church of God for ages on ages.

The wisdom of the Church of God in honoring her Saints is equaled only by the great utility of the practice thus consecrated. The Saints are not merely heroes; they are models. Christ lived in them, and Christ yet speaks through them. They were the living temples of the Holy Ghost, in whose mortal bodies dwelt all the riches of His wisdom and grace. They were in life consecrated human exemplars of divine excellence and perfection. Their example still appeals to our minds and to our hearts, more eloquently even than did their words to the men of their own generation, while they were in the tabernacle of the flesh. Though dead, they still speak. Their relics are instinct with sanctity, and through them they continue to breathe forth the sweet odor of Christ. The immortality into which they have entered still lingers in their bones, and seems to breathe in their mortal remains. As many an ardent, spirit has been induced to rush to the cannons mouth by reading the exploits of earthly heroes, so many a generous Christian soul has been fired with heavenly ardor, and been impelled to rush to the crown of martyrdom, by reading the lives and heroic achievements of the Saints and Martyrs of Christ. Example, in its silent appeal, is more potent in its influence on the human heart and conduct than are words in their most eloquent utterances.

The Church knows and feels all this, in the Spirit of God with whom she is replenished ; and hence she sets forth, with holy joy and exultant hope, her bright and ever-increasing Calendar of Sanctity of just men and women made perfect and rendered glorious, under her unearthly and sublime teachings. In reading this roll of consecrated holiness, our instinctive conclusion is, precisely that which the great soul of St. Augustine reached at the very crisis of his life, the moment of his conversion If other men like me have attained to such sanctity, why not I? Shall the poor, the afflicted, the despised of the World, bear away the palm of victory, the crown of immortality, while I lie buried in my sloth and dead in my sins, and thus lose the brilliant and glorious mansion already prepared for me in heaven? Shall all the gifts, which God has lavished upon me, be ingloriously spent and foolishly wasted, in the petty contest for this worlds evanescent honors and riches, while the poor and contemned lay up treasures in heaven, and secure the prize of immortal glory? Shall others be the friends of God, whom He delights to honor, while I alone remain His enemy, and an alien from His blessed Kingdom?

It is a consoling evidence of progress in the spiritual life in this country to find the Martyrology here published, for the first time, in English, and thereby made accessible, in its rich treasures of Sanctity, to all classes of our population. It will prove highly edifying and useful, not only to the members of our numerous religious Communities of both sexes, but also to the laity generally. Every day has here its record of Sanctity; and there is scarcely a Christian, no matter how lowly or how much occupied, who may not be able to daily peruse, with faith and with great profit, the brief page of each day’s models of Holiness. These belong to all classes and callings of life; from the throne to the hovel, from the Pontiff to the lowest cleric, from the philosopher to the peasant, from the busy walks of life to the dreary wastes of the desert.

Let all, then, procure and read daily the appropriate portions of this Martyrology. Its daily and pious perusal will console us in affliction, will animate us in despondency, will make our souls glow with the love of God in coldness, and will lift up our minds and hearts from this dull and ever-changing earth to the bright and everlasting mansions prepared for us in Heaven!

Imprimatur,  J. Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop Baltimore, Maryland 1916

   Printable PDF Version


1   The Lapsi were early Catholics who renounced the Faith and either sacrificed to the Roman gods by edict from the emperor, or offered incense to them to escape Imperial persecution and death, and who later returned to the Faith when persecution subsided. However, Christ warns us, “Every one therefore that shall confess Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in Heaven. But he that shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father Who is in Heaven.” (St. Matthew 10.3-33)

2 St. John 13.15

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