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“the Amazonian Breast”


Francis, apparently, isn’t the Only Weasel in the Amazon

Amazon woman breast-feeding Weasel


Yes an Amazonian woman breast-feeding a weasel ... while inattentive to her own child. The analogy could not be more apposite ... or more clear.

If not entirely “the Amazonian Face”, this photograph standing in front of the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina  in Rome — and within it — may be very appropriately called the Poster-Weasel of the Amazon Synod. This is not merely the depiction of a woman in an incomprehensibly primitive and behaviorally regressive society — for women, by and large, in any culture, any civilization, any minimally-construed society do not breast-feed wildlife, let alone large rodents.  It is an analogy for Francis as the proto-naturalist of the papacy for whom God is an aside to nature.

Nature — not God — is our teacher and the enchiridion of all things moral. We must delve into nature in its myriad facets as a sorcerer delves into alchemy, seeking to extract a wisdom wiser than God, a narrative closer to man than his Creator. It is perhaps possible (Photoshop aside) that such things happen and are considered as normal as copulating with an animal. In the dark corners of the world and the most perverse recesses of the human psyche such things possibly happen. But, thankfully, they are not normative, let alone paradigmatic. We recoil in disgust from this image.

This is the result of Francis’s pathological obsession with nature-in-any-form-or-state-other-than-recognizably-human; an obsession that is integral to an ideology which cannot be reconciled with any coherent concept of civilization — an epithet in Francis’s lexicon — let alone Catholicism (even if it is nominally somewhere in his job-description).  It is the exaltation of nature (The Amazonian Face — or Breast, as the case may be) to the exclusion of grace, and quite possibly sanity. It is the child — not the weasel — that belongs on his mother's breast, deserves her attention, needs her nourishment — but she is as careless of the child entrusted to her as Francis is of Catholics entrusted to him.

The poster above is the emblematic reductio ad absurdam of Francis’s pontificate — a pontificate that must be understood as the ineluctable Post-Catholicism of the Post-Conciliar (Vatican II) Church: a descent into madness. The abjuration of God and the capitulation to the World seldom ends in anything less than madness — except (and much to the point) in eschatological terms, where the result is something far worse and lasting.

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal


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