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Vatican II and the Corrupt Papacy of Francis: Extinguishing the Light of 2000 Years

Vatican II and the Corrupt Papacy of Francis: Extinguishing the Light of 2000 Years



What does it take?

Why do so few dare utter the obvious — the indisputable realization that Francis is recreant: certainly an heretic, and very likely an apostate — that his foremost agenda is nothing less than destroying the Catholic Church as it had been known and recognized for 2000 years prior to not just to his own papacy, but to Vatican II — of which he is preeminently the pathological product — and the most vociferous advocate?

Few — critics and supporters alike — understand his agendum as anything less.

Despite everything he says and does, people insist that he is doing something other, something less — even when he himself states that:

“The Second Vatican Council, the 1962-65 meetings that brought the church into the modern world, had promised such an opening to people of other faiths and non-believers, but ... the church hadn’t made progress since then” and that in light of his predecessors’ failure to deliver on the factitious Ecumenism promised... “I have the humility and ambition to do so”. 1

That this is an oxymoron apparently escapes Francis — never a student or adherent of logic — more than emphasizes Francis’s limitation to prosaic rhetoric. The tone — to say nothing of the intention — is absolutely clear:  rapprochement with “the world” and pantheistic ecumenism that extends no less to the heretic Luther than to American aboriginal tribes: all worship the same god: Gitche Manitou no less than Allah — for each is a merely a cultural iteration of the one same divinity that all equally serve and worship ... even while Gitche Manitou deems Catholicism demonic and Allah continues to reap with the sword, holding Catholics to be idolaters. Quite a unilateral ecumenical feat … Francis smiles, offers a few grains of incense and a pantheon of gods is established despite the incessant internecine war — to say nothing of the logical absurdity.

Beyond Plausible Deniability

Who can deny it? Indeed, how many approve of it — especially in the episcopacy — and encourage it, both inside Holy Mother Church and, of course, outside Her. They clamor for the world, its perversity, its immorality, its freedom from any inhibitions, prohibitions, and all restrictions — that is to say, anything normative and proscriptive. In other words, they aspire to perfect freedom and latitude in all things  — an aspiration that eo ipso precludes God. It is a matter far beyond recourse to any credible notion of plausible deniability, for the clarity of disaffection is striking, manifest, and unmistakable.

The Grayscale, and Moral Saturation

It is a world where nothing is intrinsically and indefeasibly good and nothing intrinsically and indefeasibly evil. It is, as Francis describes the moral terrain, fundamentally grayscale: it does not attain to either black or white but merely fluctuates in saturation without moral absolutes. It is essentially a sliding gamma scale whose slider can move in one direction only: to ever diminishing saturation that eventually culminates in the absence of distinction and discernability altogether — at which point we can make no pronouncement because there is nothing to pronounce. It is the impetus to moral relativity, and eventually to moral collapse. Nihil bonum et nihil malum est.2

Logically, of course, this precludes any coherent conception of God — a Being Who has decided demands, determinate laws, an invincible propensity for ONLY what is good and an absolute and unequivocal demand for it. The two … let us say “propensities” … therefore, are incompatible and irreconcilable. It is called the Law of Non-Contradiction in Logic. One cannot have something and at one and the same time the negation of it. One cannot have God and turpitude, good that is concurrently evil. Of course the two exist — but as contrarieties, not as moral and metaphysical equivalents.

Instead of providing a breastwork against this doctrine that is alien to Catholicism, Francis urges it further, and the further it is prompted the more inconsistent it becomes, the less recognizable as something distinct from a thousand other “iterations” of “Christianity” equally claiming plausibility upon the most tenuous and most often absurd credentials. The corrupt papacy of Francis, coupled with — and as a result of — the horrific consequences of Vatican II has made the new “Church of Accompaniment in Sin and a God of Surprises” a simulacrum and nothing more: a poorly contrived counterfeit at best.

Expunging 2000 Years … in 10

“Make a Mess”, Francis “devilishly” proclaimed. He has succeeded beyond any pathological fiction he could have possibly conjured:

In a short five years he has either contorted, disfigured or dismantled the Catholic Church purchased with the Blood of Christ and sealed with the blood of the Martyrs. He has brought the Catholic Church of over 2000 years to unimaginable turpitude and inconceivable scandal. It is barely recognizable as Catholic in any sense that corresponds to an ecclesiastical identity manifest in the two millenia before the breach that occurred with the Second Vatican Council. No longer steeped in holiness (and with a pronounced and growing aversion to it)  —  but in perversion and perversity of the most execrable kind, it is the consummation of homosexual inbreeding among cardinals, bishops, priests, and very likely even a pope. Homosexual predators ordained homosexual priests and barred men who were not homosexual. These predator priests became homosexual predator bishops, who in turn nominated other bishops, who then became homosexual criminal cardinals. Every “boy” took care of and covered, his “boy” until the possession was nearly complete. It took nearly 60 years of unremitting and totally dedicated work by the Pink Collar Club — but it brought the Church to Her knees and perhaps the brink of schism.

POSSESSION of the most Demonic Kind

Nothing short of a total exorcism of this filth from the seminaries, parishes, chanceries, and monasteries will suffice. Collars must be torn off. Bishops and Cardinals must be laicized and evicted in laymen’s clothing to the curbs of their luxurious offices and remanded to state authorities for investigation. “The Church of Accompaniment”  is in too much complicity to entrust it with this absolutely necessary fumigation.

Face it, and own up to it, whether you are a cardinal, bishop, priest, friar, monk, sister, nun — and especially a lay person. You trusted to a fault and despite your own deep and justifiable misgivings that would not go away … looked the other way instead.

The fault is yours. And it is mine. We did not have the courage to question and demand answers when our children, our young men, fell victim to this widespread and indescribably horrible predation in the holiest of places. We wanted to believe otherwise. And so we did.

We got Francis because we deserve Francis — an uncouth, vulgar, vindictive, and incompetent man who was “nominated” through a conspiratorial tour de force into the seat of Peter by men (members of the notorious St. Gallen Group, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed “St. Gallen Mafia” ) unworthy of their collars and birettas, men who conspired to make a simpleton a king — and when the simpleton turned vicious and unpredictable, they too became too fearful to contradict him. They had too much to lose.

And so do we. Even the little we have left will be taken away.

Please God that we can recover a remnant, a mere thread of the beautiful holiness that was the Church before the Second Vatican Council — and the papacy of Francis — the man who may have already overthrown the Catholic Church of 2000 years in a mere ten.

Despite him and despite us, Holy Mother Church will endure and prevail. It may take years … perhaps centuries. But Christ Himself promised us no less.

“Caelum et terra transibunt, verba autem Mea non praeteribunt.” (St. Matthew 24.35)

1  ; 
2 Nothing is good and nothing is bad.


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal


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