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Judge Wisely and Don't


Mors Stupebit - Death has struck


It is at least possible, perhaps even probable, that we will find given our own final disposition, of course people in Heaven that we thought never to enter

and people in Hell we thought never to go.

Funeral Masses apart, in which we are told with the utmost certainty, and as a matter of course, that the deceased, regardless of a manifestly evil life, is already in Heaven, or at least on a fast track there it is a fact that some people go to Heaven and many go to Hell.

Or Jesus Christ is a liar.

But Jesus Christ is not a liar.

But is God not merciful? Is God not loving? Is God not good?

Yes, all of these.

In every day matters of little or no consequence, we routinely make judgments: too large, too small, it looks like it is going to rain, Albert is not friendly, etc.

These are not the matters pertaining to judgment of which we now speak. We are looking at eschatological judgments that pertain to things eternal, far beyond our competence to judge (another human being and his eternal destiny). He Himself has told us: I will have mercy on whom I will, and I will be merciful to whom it shall please me. (Exodus 33.18)

It is you, yourself, lacking in mercy, love, justice and goodness who find this so enigmatic. Knowing this, God tells you to bind your own arrogance.

Why do you trifle with what God Himself admonishes us to avoid for the sake of our own souls and which is not, never was, and never will be, our prerogative:  judgment of another.

Heaven? Hell? Who are we to presume to consign someone, anyone, to the one or the other?

There is only one Just Judge. The rest of us are imposters.

Leave judgment to God. Look to the terribly practical matter of the salvation of your own soul, rather than wasting time speculating upon things in which you have no part, place, or word.

Jesus Himself has admonished you about this.


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