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Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Rest in peace or Rot in Hell?

Rest in Peace — or Rot in Hell?


A Legacy Surpassing Hitler’s


According to the University of Hawaii, 1 Adolf Hitler was responsible for nearly 21 million deaths of which 12 million were Jews, an appalling number by any measure. Surprisingly a greater than Hitler must be added to the annals of mass-murderers: Ruth Bader Ginsberg who consistently supported the death of over 30 million babies by abortion throughout her 27 year career in the Supreme Court. These human beings were, apparently “non-persons” to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, just as Jews were “Nicht Personen” or non-persons to Roland Friesler, Nazi Germany’s leading jurist and judge.

Hitler instituted the infamous Endlösung der Judenfrage, or “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” in Europe which was, of course the proposed (and largely implemented) extermination of all Jews in Europe. To this end he murdered through any and all possible means, 21million men, women, and children — to say nothing of forced sterilization early on in his homicidal obsession. His accomplices were many and were to be counted most notably in two over-lapping camps: the SS and the judiciary, most notably the Volksgerichtshof or Peoples Court (the notorious Nuremberg Laws would later be extended throughout Europe).

It is noteworthy that both Roland Friesler of the Volksgerichtshof and Ruth Ginsberg of the Supreme Court were both committed ideologues: Friesler to National Socialist ideology and Ginsberg to Radical Feminist ideologyThe New York Times eulogized her as “The Supreme Court’s feminist icon, [who] not only changed the law, she also transformed the roles of men and women.”

In life Ginsburg was the darling of Feminists, Liberals, Leftists, and every shade of “progressivism” in the political and rainbow social spectrum. Hitler, we must point out, was immensely popular and influential in his life as well.

In death, however, we are not at all certain that she will be so endeared to the 30 million children she snatched the life out of before they took their first breath.

We wonder, too, if Roland Friesler and Adolf Hitler are susceptible — as all mass murderers are — to Ginsberg’s Choice which is indelibly etched in blood: shall they, too, Rest in Peace ... or Rot in Hell? Of course Almighty God is THE JUDGE that neither Ginsberg or Friesler were, and His determination is unknown to us; but according the four Gospel narratives it is largely predicated upon what we have done — and to whom — in life.  Especially “to the Least(Saint Matthew 25.40) — to “the Little Ones” (Saint Luke 17.2).

Are you prepared to make odds on Ginsberg, Friesler, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao being canonized by Pope Francis — on second thought, strike that analogy — are you prepared to make odds on Ginsberg, Friesler, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao being received into the Choir of Angels, or would you hedge your bet given the only alternative reality of Hell?

Roland Friesler did not personally murder Jews — he only legislated that they should be murdered.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg probably never murdered babies, but ... well you get the idea. The act of legislation is every bit as deadly to a murder as the snips and scalpels, the vacuum, currete, forceps, and embryotomy scissors of the abortionist (who, like the SS soldier in World War II, “is just doing his job”).

Bader once wrote:

“My heritage as a Jew and my occupation as a judge fit together symmetrically. The demand for justice runs through the entirety of Jewish history and Jewish tradition.”

Given the symmetry that you, Ginsberg, invoke, will you now plead for justice, when justice must call you to account for the death of 30 million babies? Symmetry and justice will not wash their blood from your hands, but multiply the guilt you incurred by shedding their blood:

“Bloodguilt refers to the liability for punishment for shedding blood. The biblical concept of bloodguilt derives from the belief that deeds generate consequences and that sin, in particular, is a danger to the sinner. The most vivid examples of this belief appear in connection with unlawful homicide, where innocent blood (dam naki (naqi); Jonah 1:14) cries out for vengeance (Gen. 4:10), is rejected by the earth (Isa. 26:21; Ezek. 24:7), and pollutes it (Num. 35:33–34)Bloodguilt attaches to the slayer and his family (II Sam. 3:28ff.) for generations (II Kings 9:26), and even to his city (Jer. 26:5), nation (Deut. 21:8), and land (Deut. 24:4). The technical term for bearing bloodguilt damo bo, or damo bero'sho, meant originally "his blood [remains] in him/in his head” (Josh. 2:19; Ezek. 33:5)"


While I do not mourn her death, I do not rejoice in it. The consequences are too terrible to imagine.


As a postscript I would remind Justice Stephen G. Breyer, whose stated opinion upheld partial-birth abortion 18 years ago — and every other “Justice” who supports the killing of babies through abortion, or by snipping the spinal cord of a baby who survives attempted murder — or when the child is simply left to die on a stainless steel table because the Abortionist/Herr Doktor refuses to provide any life-support, even as it still moves (writhes) and breathes beside him 2 — that they will be held to the same ghastly account in the History of Humankind as another well known Herr Doktor Joesef Mengele (a.k.a. Der Todesengel, or the “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz) whose service to “the Cause” ... was equally distinguished.

Did I mention that any Catholic who approves of (and, of course, votes for!) abortion, acquires the same blood-guilt as any murderer — however sanitary and impressive their credentials, or however much they are esteemed by the world (which ever hated Christ)?

But you already know that ... right?

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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2  “In the Kermit Gosnell trial (which received very little media attention), eye-witnesses testified that babies were moving and breathing before their spinal cords were cut; others were flushed in toilets or were thrown in the garbage with a shoebox for a coffin--while still alive inside!”


Just a few “Tools of the Trade”

Abortionist’s Instruments of Death and Dismemberment



Locking Clamps
Used to seize, immobilize, puncture, crush, and pull parts of the baby
snipped and dismembered by the
Embryotomy Scissors (right)

Embryotomy Scissors
This instrument is used to cut off the head, arms and legs.

Abortionist's Locking Clamps


Abortionist's Embryotomy Scissors



Uterine Currette

One side of the loop is sharp for cutting the child apart.
The other side scrapes the uterus to remove the placenta.




 Uterine Currette: One side of the loop is sharp for cutting the child apart.


Syringe with Spinal Needle

This abortion instrument's uses include injecting saltwater into the uterus. The baby swallows and breathes the poison. The cause of the death is congestion, hemorrhage and shock. The mother goes into premature labor about a day later and delivers a dead child. The other use is to inject the chemicals (digoxin, potassium chloride, etc.) into the heart of the baby. In both uses, these chemicals soften the child's corpse, making it easier to rip apart and remove.

Abortionist's Syringe with poisoned Spinal Needle




This abortion tool is used to crush, grasp, and pull the child's body apart.

Abortionist's Forceps to Dismember baby




Cervical Dilator

Grasps the cervix to hold the uterus in place allowing a thin tube (cannula) into the cervical canal, and apply suction to remove all the dismembered parts of the baby from the uterus

Abortionists Cervical Dilator



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