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What you need to know for
Your First Holy Communion

First you have to know
and how He will come to you in Holy Communion




INSIDE the Tabernacle we find the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus Christ —


under the appearances of bread and wine.

It is the most holy of all places on the Earth!


Because Jesus Christ really and truly lives there — and, not only there  — 

 but in every TABERNACLE in every CATHOLIC Church in the world!


Tabernacle containing Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist


If you were to open the golden doors of the Tabernacle

(each door has an Angel on it, praying to Jesus inside) …

… you would see the Most Holy Eucharist in a golden cup called the Ciborium (chee—bore—e—um)

which looks like this:

The Ciborium
The Ciborium


The Ciborium

holds all the Hosts

that will be given out during Holy Communion at Mass



This is what the HOST looks like:

Sacred Host of the Holy Eucharist


To our eyes — the HOSTS appear to be simple, small, round, wafers like the one above


But something WONDERFUL is going to happen to them!


As you see right above: the
HOST is round, white, and tastes like bread — but in fact it really and truly

becomes the Body of Christ that the priest gives you on your tongue.

Host contains ALL of Jesus: His Body, His Blood, His Soul, and His Divinity — (“Divinity” is

another way of saying He is God)


Remember: the HOSTS are kept in the Ciborium


The CIBORIUM is kept inside the TABERNACLE ...

Tabernacle containing Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist


In other words,




Sacred Host of the Holy Eucharist



    is kept

The Ciborium



which is kept


Tabernacle containing Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist



The most important thing to remember is that:

Jesus Christ — Who is GOD — is IN the HOST

Sacred Host of the Holy Eucharist

Host is also called the Holy Eucharist




The Holy Eucharist is ALSO in the

Chalice is a gold cup that holds the Blood of Jesus Christ. And not just His blood …


This is the Chalice:



Before the priest consecrates the wafer (bread) and the wine at Holy Mass, they are only that:

bread and wine.

AFTER the priest Consecrates the round wafer and the wine in the cup —

the bread becomes the Body of Jesus Christ

and the wine becomes the Blood of Jesus Christ.


Really and truly!




When we go to Holy Mass the priest consecrates (offers up to Jesus’ Father in Heaven)

the bread and wine:

The  moment of  CONSECRATION at Mass

and after he does, they then become the Body and Blood of Jesus!

In other words,
AFTER the priest CONSECRATES it:

It is no longer bread.

It is no longer wine.

It becomes Jesus Himself
!— hidden under the appearance of bread and wine, (which still looks like bread

 and wine) — but is really the BODY and the BLOOD of Jesus Who gives Himself to us in HOLY



The priest offers the Eucharist up to God




(Before you go to receive Holy Communion, you should say this prayer:)


“O LORD Jesus Christ, Son of the living God,

Who by the will of the Father and the Holy Ghost,

Died for us on the Cross

and by Your death, You gave life to the world:

deliver me by this, Thy most sacred Body and Blood,

from all my sins and from every evil.

Make me always to obey Thy commandments

and never let me be separated from Thee.




Here the priest is offering to you the Holy Eucharist, the Body of Jesus at Mass

And when you receive Holy Communion, the priest says to you:

“The Body of Christ”.

After you open your mouth and hold out your tongue, the priest places the Host on your tongue, and you say,


You have just received Jesus on your tongue, and He goes into your body and soul and you become filled with
Grace and become very pleasing to God! Angels gather all around you (although you will not see them — but they are there!) — right beside you, singing praise to God for the most beautiful gift He just gave you: Himself!


The Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

If you could see all that is
really taking place at Holy Mass, you would see something like the picture above.

Do you see Jesus above the Altar?
Do you see His Father?
Do you see all the Angels?

They are all there, during Holy Mass, but usually, in this life, you cannot see them. Ask God to help

 you to love Him more and more all your life. He will love you and protect you, and be with you, all your life!

The Most Holy Eucharist



Boston Catholic Journal

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” (Apocalypse 3.8)


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