What is urgent is the evangelization of a world that not only does not know the basic aspects of Christian dogma, but in great part has lost even the memory of the cultural elements of Christianity.

                          Pope St. John Paul II

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I am convinced that the crisis in the Church that we are experiencing today is to a large extent due to the disintegration of the liturgy.

                          Pope Benedict XVI


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Who are Mine?


Mary meets Jesus on the Road to Calvary


Who are mine? To whom do I open my arms and say, 'These are mine'?

Where is my dwelling place?

My Son had nowhere — nowhere to lay His head — His only bed the Cross.

Would I, His mother, have more?

Do I take my seat in the mansions of the rich? No — but I pass by and call ...

Am I a Queen robed in gold, arrayed in the riches and honors of this world?

No, I am robed in humility and compassion, in mercy and innocence, my footstep passes the houses of the great and the hovels of the poor, for all have need to hear my call, "Come ... come  my way to my Son Jesus!"

Do I command that my own will be done?

No, but as at the Wedding in Cana, I now say to you as I said to them
Do what He tells you."

Behold my kingdom, behold my dominion: the broken heart of man! Each one is mine.

All are poor who know not my Son, all are poor who struggle in the web of sin, all are poor who know not love.

These are mine! I press them all to my Immaculate Heart — I want them for my Son ...

I am the Queen and Pilgrim with and for the poor;  incessantly I cry out them, "Come my way to Jesus —
Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

Leave alike the mausoleums and hovels of this world: they are cinders of a life long past ... and in the end will be scattered like ashes in the wind ...

Come!  I will show you the
Treasure of the Field
, for I know where it lies — hidden in the Wound in the side of my Son.

Come, all who are poor ... and those who know it not.


A Poor Clare Nun


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