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A Deeply Defective PONTIFF


Pachapapa Francis - not my Pope

Francis approvingly receives the pagan Amazonian goddess Pachamama after the worship ceremony he attended in the Vatican Gardens

Does Francis defy God for the Sake of Ecumenism?

He abolishes the Commandments of God at will (specifically the 1st, the 6th, and the 9th — we are awaiting the rest)

He has the inconceivable audacity to re-write the ending of the only prayer that Jesus Himself explicitly taught us (the Pater Noster, Our Father) to make it more acceptable to “modern” sensitivities.

He repudiates the explicit Scriptural condemnation of homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments (“God made you like this.” and “Who am I to judge?”)

He teaches that Hell does not exist — despite Christ’s own frequent teachings concerning it — not simply as a possibility, but as a distinct eschatological reality to be averted at all costs. For Francis unrepentant sinners simply vanish, cease to be, upon their death. The most obvious consequence of this denial involves abolishing the fundamental Christian concept pertaining to the notion of Judgment — both the Particular and the Last Judgment, both of which consequently become meaningless.

For Francis all religions are willed by God — even those that are mutually contradictory and manifestly evil — and which deny or denigrate Christ. Every religion leads to God — despite what Christ said.

Francis insists that, “Women in the Church are more important than bishops and priests.” (Why emphasize women to the exclusion of the laity in general? Francis is a covert Feminist).


Don’t Breed like Rabbits!

Francis reproached Filipinos, telling them that Catholics should not “breed like rabbits” — but practice “Responsible Planned Parenthood.”

The Church, for Francis is not the unspeakably beautiful Bride of Christ — it is simply a “Field Hospital”.

The Church has placed too great an emphasis on abortion. There are other pressing issues — such as Environmentalism. In fact the current plague COVID-19 is not some aboriginal chastisement from God, or even something biological in origin: it is Mother Earth, the environment “having a fit.”

Oh, yes — atheists go to Heaven, too, together with animists, et alia. (Why then did Christ die on the Cross?)

At the Foot of the Cross, Francis insists that,  “Mary surely wanted to say to the Angel: ‘Liar! I was deceived.’ ”

“I imagine Mary as a normal girl,” Francis said, “a girl of today, open to getting married, to having a family”. However — Mary was not just “any” girl in Holy Scripture: at the Annunciation the Archangel Gabriel hailed her as “full of grace”, saying, “blessed art thou among women” and that she would “conceive the Son of the Most High.”


Solemn Nonsense

For Francis, “Proselytism is solemn nonsense. It makes no sense. We need to get to know each other, listen to each other…” — despite the very last command of Christ in the Gospel of Saint Matthew: “Teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

“Jesus”, Francis further claims, “came to the world to learn to be a man and, and being man [and with no mention of Christ’s divinity], to walk with men.” Actually, Christ came into the world (the Incarnation) to redeem the world, to suffer for our sins, to overcome the devil and death — and above all to save souls.

Francis presumes to authoritatively pontificate on economics and politics in a way that an economist or a politician would never dare presume to authoritatively speak about matters religious.


We have sinned against the earth?

On the 50th anniversary of “Earth Day” he reproached the Faithful, stating that “We have sinned against the earth.”

“God”, Francis assures us, “always forgives; we humans sometimes forgive, but the earth never forgives. If we despoil the earth, its response will be very ugly.” Can we really look to Gaia — Mother Earth — to absolve us for using plastic as we look to God to absolve us from our sins?

Instead of teaching the Faith, Francis laments the “increasing use and power of air-conditioning” as inimical to environmentalism — even while Domus Sanctae Marthae where he lives is air-conditioned and has refrigerators as well. “Rigid Catholics” — whom he detests — would rightly and “rigidly” call this hypocrisy.

As we had said in the beginning — He is not my pope! However, nominally, he is a Catholic Pope — if only in light of the fact that he indeed occupies the Seat of Saint Peter — but as an interloper, an environmental and social activist, a political and economic adviser with credentials in neither, and a apparent syncretist pre-eminent — to whom every other “belief system” in the world is laudable, acceptable, and praiseworthy to Francis — except his own Catholic religion — from which he increasingly distances himself in an ongoing repudiation.


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