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Pope Francis: Man Must Obey the U.N.



Flag of the Vatic-UN


Saint Peter: We should obey God rather than men (Acts 5.29)


The False-Flag of Catholicism for 60 Years


With growing alarm leading up to — and with greater alarm still after the Pan-Amazod Synod — Catholics around the world have been shaken. The seemingly impossible became actual. A Catholic pontiff — together with a retinue of bishops — witnessed, approved, defended, and blessed pagan idol worship in the Vatican Gardens. It was such an open affront to Catholicism — and Catholics the world over — that the realization of the enormity that had occurred (so blatant was the blasphemy) took days to percolate through the strata of various and increasingly ridiculous “interpretations” of what had happened, only to come to the conclusion that what “looked like” idol-worship was — really idol-worship.

For those who have closely followed the pontificate of Francis, this devolution to barbarism, to atavistic idolatry, surprisingly came as no surprise. Given the magnitude of what had occurred, its sheer enormity, the pagan ceremony had, in the end, more gravitas than a typical Novus Ordo Mass. Indeed, by comparison, the patent absurdity of what was occurring almost acquired a pathos of “solemnity” seldom found in our N.O. “Worship Spaces”, so immersed were the aboriginal (and painfully elderly gringo) actors in their several roles. From the carefully choreographed dancing circle, to the female priestess/presider’s unmistakabley ceremonial gestures of worship before and around the wooden idols of Pachamama — while shaking a rattle and bowing down in either deference or supplication to the statues — an overwhelming, almost surreal sense of the absurd characterized the spectacle.  It verged on self-caricature.

But we are Post-Conciliar Catholics, and so are presumably inured to the unending novelty, madness and utter nonsense encountered in today’s post-Catholic Church. Less than a fifty years ago such unthinkable burlesque would have been encountered with horror and stupefaction. We are beyond that.


II down

Decalogue - Ten Commandments

                and VIII to go

Francis, we will remember, had already revised the Sixth Commandment to permit adultery — and has now abolished the First Commandment against false gods as well.

Perhaps I am not stating this clearly — or forcefully enough  ... WHO ... on earth or under the earth or above the earth — who in the sanctified halls of Heaven — or the dark and loathesome chambers of Hell — would dare presume to “correct” Almighty God? Only Francis. Who possibly would dare to add to or detract from the 10 Commandments of God Himself?

Only Francis.

Despite Saint Paul’s stern warning, For who hath known the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been His counselor?(Romans 11.34) Francis remains resolutely, insolently oburate, audaciously unapologetic!

How can this be? For Francis, we must come to understand, the idols of the Amazon are simply to be indexed and catalogued along with all the other false gods and idols of the world (among whom he appears to count the God of Christians). This, too, is logical conclusion of Ecumenism. After all, did not Francis tell us that God Himself willed all religions? All are equally credible, (however contradictory) for all are simply so many iterations, so many interpretations, of the same Ecumenical “God of Surprises” — the One Who apparently emerges after the Divine Light strikes the prism of Ecumenism and is refracted into all religions — none of which, consequently, contain the fullness of the Light

Another question ineluctably follows that is quite nearly as frightening and scandalous as the spectacle itself: where is the outcry from the bishops and cardinals? Why did those in attendance not leave? Why did they smile benignly — and inanely — at the travesty unfolding before them as befits men in possession of their wits? With a mere handful of exceptions — among over 5000 active bishops — this grotesque affrontery to God and Church — to Christ Himself — goes unchallenged … and uncorrected!

The “Pope” — the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth — leads the faithful into (of all things) idolatry
the ultimate infidelity to Almighty God!


U.N.-Catholic and mere Grace

And as though to “double-down” on his apostasy, Francis recasts his insolence into the political arena as well, calling on both the feckless and faithful to obey … the U.N. !!! — the largest single agency complicit in the death of millions of babies through abortion in the world, and the tireless promoter of sexual perversion, gender discordance, transgenderism, and homosexuality — all of which are an abomination to God!

In doing so — in stating this new obligation to Catholics — Francis has ceded all the moral authority of his sacred office ... to a political agency.  In other words, Francis has effectively thrown off the yoke of the papacy as a divinely ordained recourse to infallible instruction when confusion and uncertainty afflict the Church and the minds of men. Such weighty matters as distinguishing right from wrong, sin from sanctity, good from evil  surely belongs under the purview and direction of a more competent authority than Christ’s Vicar on Earth. Such a task, albeit borne with great suffering by all past pontiffs, now stands in need of more than merely grace from God — it needs a mandate from, and the puissance of, the United Nations itself!

In that single statement, Francis vested the United Nations with a moral authority greater than the Seat of St. Peter, a factitious moral authority that is subservient to no greater authority — notably, God — than that legislated by man.

For 60 years — since the ill-fated and utterly pernicious convocation euphemistically called the Second Vatican Council — what had been the Holy Roman Catholic Church has been flying a false flag. Where, however, the True Barque of Peter has wintered, we no longer know.

All pretension, it would appear, is finally futile. In the pantheon of false gods that man has assiduously gathered to himself, no idol is more grotesque than man himself.

Paul VI surrendered the papal tiara of Catholicism to the U.N. in 1964. Francis succumbed to idolatry before the pagan Amazonian goddess Pachamama — worshipped in the Vatican Gardens in 2020.

Now Francis places the tatters of Holy Mother Church at their feet as well: “Serviam!”

Miserere, Domine ... miserere nobis! May God have mercy on us!


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal
November 11, 2019

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